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    I did three dead-hang muscleups on a bar yesterday. I did my first one about a year ago, but I had to swing like crazy. I haven't really been practicing them, but yesterday I just decided to go for it and I was pleasantly surprised. I'm going to start working on them more so I can do them for reps.

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    FINALLY lost a cup size, after 6 months of overall weight loss. I was a 40H when I started and am now a 38G. The only problem is that I'm losing band size faster than cup size--I could probably fit into a 36, but finding a 36G is problematic. I can't wait until I hit my goal weight...reduction and lift, here I come! I was an F before pregnancy and a year of nursing, at the same weight I am now. It's the only part of me that isn't smaller at the same weight as I was pre-pregnancy.

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    I bought a UK size 6 dress today. In fact, I bought 4 new day dresses today. I feel so girly(I'm a grungey girl) but I love the fact that the size 6 one is only a little too small around the boobs, because i don't have a none push-up bra that won't show through it xD
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    The 2 gallon candy dish (I'm not exaggerating) in the area I walk past 100x/day (I'm exaggerating) was refilled today and I haven't had any.
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    Triumph by proxy: my half-assed primal husband somehow misplaced fifteen pounds in about three weeks. I'm steadfastly refusing to weigh myself because I'm a total weenie about it. We don't own a scale, but he hopped on at the vet's office last week.
    However! My own triumph, I am loving like hell the PB directive to spend some time in the sun every day. I started by lolling around in the yard with a book on my lunch breaks, but that evolved into a serious resolution to up the ante with my little "urban homestead" this year. So! In that spirit, I've so far: potted a crazy bunch of herbs, planted all kinds of veggies and greens, gave some love to my grape vines and got them re-arranged, took a hatchet to my cherry, plum, and snowbell trees and whupped them into shape, moved a medium-sized lilac into a happy new home, cleared the jungle along side the garage and set up a proper, living compost pile (as opposed to the "pile of discarded vegetation" that's always been there), thinned out the dead blackberry canes and tidied up the thicket, and set up a spot to plant some asparagus crowns. *Whew*! I made a point to do everything the "hard" way and used a hatchet (which, if you haven't tried it, let me tell you it's *super* fun) and pitchfork for everything, instead of gas-powered tools. I swear, I'd never have had the energy or inspiration to get so much done out there without the PB. It's a nice way to get my sunshine and love my green space a little more every time I visit it.
    My next evil plot is to get a cattle tank and some local pond mud and set up a little mini-eco system with a few fish and some watercress and irises. Then I want some yard ducks for eggs =).

    Somewhere along the way I dug out some drawstring pants I haven't seen in years. They looked small to me but I had to cinch 'em up to keep them on, that feels good. Also, and this is horrible, but I have started wearing (gasp) tank tops while working in my back yard. I will definitely not be doing this in public any time soon, but I figure anyone peeking through the fence gets whatever they deserve by looking ;0)

    Grock on, PB-ers! Cheers to everyone's joys.
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    Today my scale reported a weight 20kg (44lb) under the weight when I started primal! =D
    In just 16 weeks!

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    I went away to a Provincial Special Olympics Floor Hockey Championship this weekend. 5 hour drive, staying with friends, two long days at the tournament as a fan, 5 hour drive home late last night. With a bit of planning re bringing my own food, extending my meal times (didn't lunch till 3 p.m. one day), and eating the chicken salad out of a (very fresh) bun, I ate primal all weekend.

    And the scale is DOWN one lb from where I started 4 days ago!! After a road trip! Imagine!!
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    I can fit into Levi's off the rack now! No plus size brands or nuthin'!!

    Excuse me while i squeal like a little spaz.
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    Today I'm wearing jeans for the first time in years. That means that not only have I lost weight, but I've also reduced my bloating/pain to a level where my waist is in some kind of proportion to by ass and legs. Woohoo!!
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    Congratulations! 10 inches is are SO MUCH healthier because of it! Keep it up!

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