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    I know what you mean. I was one who rolled my eyes at all the people coming out of the woodwork claiming to be celiac, and pooh-poohed anyone who wanted to "get rid of an entire food group." I had absolutely no idea all the things that would change in my body and in my mind when I kicked grains to the curb.
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    We wear company logo'd shirts at work. Today I had to pick up a few size L, because both the XLs and XXLs hanging in the closet are too big! I can't remember the last time I wore a size L... early high school maybe? (I'm 32)

    In early December I spend a few hundred $$ on new jeans and dress clothes. I'm buying 4" smaller waist size pants and they're fitting pretty good, even a little bit loose. At least if I need to "waste" some money, I'd rather spend it on smaller clothes.

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    a tiny triumph

    Normally I don't keep clothing that doesn't fit (either too big or too small) because it's just depressing. And my closet is too small. Every once in awhile there is a favorite something I save just in case.

    I re-started primal on Dec 23rd, and today I am happily and *comfortably* wearing some favorite pants that I haven't fit into for more than a year. yay!

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    awesome zig!

    cool, sally!

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    Bless my dear mother. She bought me new dress shirts for my bday and Christmas. I went from wearing 16 32/33 to 14.5 fitted 32/33. Just this week, my wife had me clean out my closet and we donated 20 shirts and 6 pants to charity.

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    I just realized that, while I'm not my college or HS weight (one is 10 lb below here I am now, the other is 20), I'm wearing the same size I did in HS and early college and anything I bought in my 3rd and 4th years of college (save my winter coat and a couple peasant blouses) is too big. TAKE THAT, scale!
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    In June I was went from 265 to 280 after quitting smoking. Started primal along with IF and set a goal to get to 220 by April '11.
    Weighed in at 218 on 1-1-11 - 4 months early. My blood pressure was the high 140s over the high 80s - with 2 different meds. Now I am med free and keeping it around 110/75. Was diagnosed with type II diabetes and now insulin resistance is also back to normal. 2010 was such a unreal success for me and I owe a lot of it to the primal lifestyle. 6 months 280 to 218 and a 44 inch waist to a 36 (loose - need to go shopping soon)
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    Great job rude dog.

    Yesterday I finally broke down and got a few pairs of new jeans.

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    I did an experiment Friday and found out exactly how much protein/carbs I can consume so my fasting BG is under 80 the next morning.

    (Diagnosed with diabetes Oct 15th, 2010 with a hbac1 of 9.1%)

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    My rubber boots fit better, still snug but not annoying anymore. Wohoo. Should be interesting to see where this is in 5 months. ;-)

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