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    My triumph is that after 7-ish weeks on PB my fasting BG is in the 80s (started in the 110s), and I am down to the last hole on my belt. I better go buy a smaller belt

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    I went primal on 10-11... I'm down 25lbs, and 2 notches on my belt. I also have probably been lifting heavy things too much. The last couple day are the first that I have not been sore. I bet I have but on 5lbs of lean muscle.

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    A BIG morning! I was able to go into Trader Joe's without using the cart as my four-wheeled walker. I walked on my own. I just had two things to pick up and it wasn't crowded, so I dared attempt it. Was able to stand in a mercifully short line without using any support (which is the most difficult/uncomfortable thing my body is called upon to do). The Rolfing treatments are DEFINITELY working!! 2011 comeback, baby!
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    I was inspired to take my measurements today. Last time I did it was pre-Primal, measuring before dress shopping in October. I have lost 2 inches at my waist and 2 inches at my hips! 6 weeks of Primal eating pays off!!!

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    Congrats Griff!

    My triumph was very interesting, today I awoke and ate a breakfast of two eggs fried in bacon fat and copious amounts of bacon and a glass of water kefir. Worked my arse off all day lugging wood from the back 40 by hand to the garage, took 4 hours. Then ran errands with the oldest child and came home around 8pm when I realized I hadn't eaten all day, hadn't thought about it, and had not experienced the gnawing hunger pains I used to when on a high carb diet.
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    That is an amazing triumph TigerLily! I wish you continued success and suppleness

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    Tiger Lily! Congratulations!

    This reminds me of the time midway through recovery from Miller Fisher Syndrome when I could fold up the walker and put it in a closet. So glad you're doing well.

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    I did it! I hit my goal physique! I have the swim suit model body (well, no linea alba, but meh.) I'm farking ECSTATIC over this. It's been... oh geez... 10 months primal and 2 years CW that went into this.
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    I just posted this on my Journal as well but it fits in this thread for sure.

    Great little things I am noticing right now.
    1. My mind is incredibly sharp. I feel very clear-headed and my sense of well-being is through the ceiling.
    2. I am losing BF. My abs are starting to show, and it's only been one week. This is great.
    3. I eat chicken wings every day, guilt free.
    4. I am completely satisfied in every aspect of my life right now.
    5. I DO NOT think about food/exercising all the time. There are so many other important things going on that I've been able to give my attention to.
    6. I don't have set mealtimes, and have been eating intuitively.
    7. I sleep so well. Like really, I haven't been this satisfied with my sleeping patterns until right now.
    8. I have just had the best weekend of my life, which involved two straight nights of heavy partying. After waking up the first day with no hangover, I was surprised. Then waking up this morning with no hangover, I put two and two together. I think my body is getting very good at eliminating the alcohol waste. I also didn't do mixed drinks, just liquor like tequila, vodka, whiskey (zero carbs) and some light beer here and there. Honestly, I've never had so much to drink over a couple days, yet I had ZERO hangover. It's actually really cool. And something interesting to note, it takes more for me to get drunk now. Usually I'm a lightweight when it comes to that but not recently. This isnt necessarily a good thing, but not necessarily bad either. I also handle it better now though. I'm a very astute partier
    9. My clothes are fitting better.
    10. I'm growing my facial hair pretty quickly.

    It's quite astonishing that these changes are all happening in such a pronounced way over such a short period of time. I mean, a lot of other things are going right for me in life right now, so I can't 100% attribute everything to being Primal, but I can give it the credit it deserves, for sure. My stress levels are down, even though it is FINALs Week at my Univ. I'm loving life.
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    I did it! I hit my goal physique! I have the swim suit model body (well, no linea alba, but meh.) I'm farking ECSTATIC over this. It's been... oh geez... 10 months primal and 2 years CW that went into this.
    Pics or it didn't happen.

    Seriously, congrats!
    I'm a quitter...but I'm back now.

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