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Thread: Share a triumph!

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    Are you kidding? That's a lot of fat!

    This right here is 5 pounds of fat!


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    Oct 2010
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    I have two...

    No binges since I started two weeks ago. Pretty good for a 35 year carboholic.


    I did sprints yesterday and I didn't die. The last time I did those 25 years ago my HS gym teacher (shudder) was running behind me.
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    I am wearing my skinny jeans today.

    You know. The ones that I couldn't button around my waist prior to June.
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    I took the tape measure to my waistline today and it said 28inches.... 6 or 7 mths ago it was 31/32, it seemed to hover around 29/30 for ages and then I just didnt bother measuring... yeah, feeling pretty darned stoked about the 28!

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    I finally broke my crappy eating slide, and of course the feeling of constant fatigue and distant nausea is gone. Damn you cookies and pasta for luring me into a fat trap.
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    I put my scale in the garbage can last night for trash collection this morning. Too many times I'd be feeling good about my progress only to step on the scale, see my weight hadn't changed and then feel like crap about myself. My clothes fit better and I feel so much better but still, I kept looking at the numbers on a scale. I'm not going to do that to myself anymore. The scale is gone. =)

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    I hit my high school weight last week. Of 145 pounds. I last saw that over 40 years ago, so I was actually a little shocked and even scared when it happened. I'm a guy, 5'9", albeit with fairly slender bones. OTOH, some old belts that I still have for some reason now fit. And I found an old shirt that fits again. I can't figure out whether to gain some weight back or not.

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    I passed my personal training certification yesterday!

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    Sep 2010
    I took a knife to my belt today for the billionth time to make a new, tighter notch. I really need to get out there and buy some new clothes, this is getting ridiculous. :P

    I was also able to refuse a Dairy Queen blizzard.
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    I was able to put on a corset for the first time in my life and not feel like I was fat!
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