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    That is AWESOME, Suze. Arikare, way to go! Congrats to everybody else too.

    TigerLily, I have a class-photo from sixth grade with unbelievable dark circles under my eyes. I looked sick. These have improved after no wheat, but yesterday I had a weird day and ate both oats and corn. Instant puffy bags under the eyes this morning. AND...I also have dark pink colored rims under my eyes. I never thought I was allergic to dairy though. A saliva test was negative to casein allergy and I don't have symptoms of lactose intollerance. Maybe there is something else in dairy that I could be allergic to...I should think about doing a 2 week no-dairy trial and see if my eye rims look different.

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    I have to go buy new pants tomorrow because mine are falling off! Yeah!

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    I bought a dress for my birthday today- it comes above the knee and I don't have any flabby/cellutlitey bits hanging out. This hasn't been possible since about the 10th grade for me lol!
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    Stats: 5'6" female, 21 years young
    Starting Weight: 187 lbs (March 2010)
    Current Weight: 143 lbs (Oct 2011)
    Goal BF: 20%

    Super D Omega 3 daily & BCAAs preworkout

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    Stepped on the scale today and it read 180 lbs even. Started at around 225 lbs back in early April. I'm 5'8'' and would like to get to around 165.

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    Holy Moly Meg-A-Tron! That is ridiculously hot!

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    I finallly have some muscle. I can feel it on the outside of my arms. I can also feel the muscle on the fronts of my thighs. I've *never* had muscle before. This is very exciting.

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    Red face No more acne!

    I have never had perfect skin, but starting in my late 20's I got the dreaded adult acne. Complete with cysts that would never go away. Its like a breakout that lasts a year. And keeps.happening.

    I started PB with wanting my skin to clear up. I kept hearing people talk about it and I thought- ok I have to try it then.
    No more antibiotics, No more antibacterial creams.
    No more special soaps.


    I really can't believe it. but it's true.
    My skin is still not "clear" b/c the stuff that was there is still healing, clearing up. But no more inflammation. It doesn't hurt. It's not even really red anymore.
    I can go without makeup and not feel like a denigrate.

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    Saw Dr today. She is very, very pleased. Have lost 15 lbs in first two months primal without ever leaving hunger unsated. Activity level is better than in a long while.

    I am 58, female, have had a weight problem since puberty, and have multiple chronic pain conditions which make anything a challenge.. I am new to Primal Blueprint, and still low down on the flat part of the learning curve. Yet, I have lost 15 lbs in 2 months. My Dr complimented me on how much of it had come off my middle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mel View Post
    I stopped counting/tracking my calories about a month ago and I'm just listening to what my body needs. It feels amazing!

    But what feels even better if finally being freed from that damn scale. I was weighing myself every day and I would then base my self-worth on what it said. +0.2lbs and I was down all day.... I've lost 24lbs, why the hell should I be down about 0.2lbs? that's crazy! So.....we are moving on August 5th and 2 weeks ago, I put the scale in a box. What I'm really proud about is for not cheating! I know what box it's in and I haven't taken it out....I also have a gym where I work and they have scales - I haven't even been tempted to step on.

    I'm going to reveal my true inner geek here, but I feel like jumping around like Gollum in Lord of the Rings when he's dancing about and yells...... Smeagol is FREE!!!!!
    This makes me happier than you could ever possibly know.

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    I am a 53 year old woman. I am basically lazy which is why I love primal fitness rules. I work out as little as possible.

    Just for the hell of it I decided to try this "simplefit" routine. I have never been able to do chin ups, but I did three sets of 3!!!! REAL chin ups where I go down and pull my body all the way up. I have also never been able to do real push ups and I just knocked out 2 sets of 6. May not sound like much for those crossfit types among us, but for an old ish lady, hey I was screaming in delight. I felt like I turned the clock back a couple decades.

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