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    Quote Originally Posted by lecz0r View Post
    All of my vegetarian friends now know that I eat cows and pigs.
    That is awesomeness.
    The pain of discipline or the pain of regret? You choose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canarygirl View Post
    Naiadknight, this is really interesting! What do you think caused the appearance of your under-eyes to change?
    In my case it was probably wheat allergy. I used to have black bags every day and they never went away until I cut out the grains entirely.
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    I think it's a combination of a wheat sensitivity (similar to what Griff mentioned) and puffiness caused by excess sugar in the diet, Canarygirl.
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    So, all my home-boys just got back from Afghanistan (I redeployed a few months early for a new assignment). We had the traditional backyard barbeque at my buddy's house, and when I showed up, all I got were compliments. 30 pounds later, and could tell be the looks on their faces that I looked like a new man. I feel great!

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    After 6+ months I FINALLY nailed good form on squats and managed to go ATG, this while hitting a new PR.
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    Started Primal about 6 weeks ago, fell off the program with bread for about 5 days 2 weeks ago, then resumed. Yesterday I had what felt like an awful die-off or maybe lo-carb flu (fine today). But here's the thing: I have not had any kind of headache for 72 hours -- this is AMAZING to me! I've been a migraineur for 46 years, though after menopause the headaches became much milder and more frequent. I cannot remember the last time I went 3 days with no headache at all. I am so hopeful that eating Primal, especially getting off grains, will help me. I'd gone gluten-free several times before but never with this kind of result. I suspect my gut is finally healing so now can produce the chemicals my brain needs to keep calm. Anybody else have success with migraine reduction?

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    whoop whoop! there are some great victories here.
    I wanted to share my latest and greatist. I have never, yes thats right, never owned a pair of white pants. Well, yesterday I went and bought a pair of white pants and thats not all, they are size 6 petite! Makes my heart flutter just typing that out. I know, I know.......don't get caught up in the numbers.
    But dang, it feels great.......doing the happy dance in my chair now!!!

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    Dark circles under the eyes often indicates a wheat allergy.
    Pink under the eyes or at the rims of the eyes are a dairy allergy.

    Years ago, an old healer-type woman saw me walk into her shop and, from across the room, she said to me: "Do you know you are allergic to wheat?"

    My latest triumph:
    My physical therapist and trainer are both working me over hard. And my back neither hurts nor spasms.

    Great news about the migraines!

    Wow, woman! 6P?!?! Surreal, huh?

    I love this thread.
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    I stopped counting/tracking my calories about a month ago and I'm just listening to what my body needs. It feels amazing!

    But what feels even better if finally being freed from that damn scale. I was weighing myself every day and I would then base my self-worth on what it said. +0.2lbs and I was down all day.... I've lost 24lbs, why the hell should I be down about 0.2lbs? that's crazy! So.....we are moving on August 5th and 2 weeks ago, I put the scale in a box. What I'm really proud about is for not cheating! I know what box it's in and I haven't taken it out....I also have a gym where I work and they have scales - I haven't even been tempted to step on.

    I'm going to reveal my true inner geek here, but I feel like jumping around like Gollum in Lord of the Rings when he's dancing about and yells...... Smeagol is FREE!!!!!
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    On the 2nd of July 2009 I decided I needed to do something about my increasing weight and waist size (32.5 inches then). I weighed 59.9 kg, and I set my goal weight to be 55kg (5'3" height). Weekly weigh ins saw me in October 2009 at my heaviest of 60.6kg.

    Today I weighed in at 54.7kg (120lbs) - BELOW my goal weight. I checked my waist the other night and it was 29 inches.

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