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Thread: Share a triumph!

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    I think the best thing is not being ruled by wild blood sugar lows all the time. Being able to go out without worrying where the next meal is coming from is great for me.

    My Mum and I have always had some form of hypoglycaemia (we think) whereby if we don't eat every few hours we feel awful. That has gone now and I feel like I am in control. I love that.

    I'm really sensitive to carbs - especially rice. If I eat rice or pasta I am starving as soon as I have finished the meal.

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    I brought down omega 3 fish oil in girl world. Thread has almost 5,000 views.

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    My employer gave out free shirts for cancer awareness last month or the month before - and hey, who doesn't like free stuff - and I asked for a medium since I had some medium shirts that fit pretty well. The shirt didn't really fit at all. Too short and hugging the hell out of my fat. I just tried it on yesterday and it fit pretty darn well. Surprising since I haven't seen much outward weight loss or body recomposition lately.

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    I showed my copy of the PB to one of the people in my office today and after a quick read of the first few pages asked if they could borrow it to read, I call success (if a minor one) . And got them signed up to the newsletters from MDA. Now just have to tell them to visit the forum

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    Just realized I can't remember the last time I used my cool can opener. Additionally, I make far fewer trips to the bottle return now that I'm off the diet coke addiction! Yeah

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    A person I introduced to MDA and Primal five days ago has already dropped four pounds and thinks it is freakin' awesome. She'll go the distance!
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    My body's adaptation to the Paleo lifestyle has been amazing to me. On March 4 of 2012 I stepped on the scales and weighed 213 lbs. and decided to commit to getting my weight under control with a goal of getting back to the 170s by the end of the year. Much to my surprise I reached that goal within 90 days by following a 90% Paleo diet. I currently weigh 173 lbs, a 40 lb. weight loss in a 111 Days! In addition to the diet change I have incorporated intermittent fasting and some of the Primal Blueprint approach to fitness. You can review my journey on my Facebook Diary if you would like more details (see below). Congratulations to all of you that shared your success stories -they are inspiring!

    Paleo Journey - Diary of my experience eating the Paleo Diet | Facebook

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    I feel I have broken my wheat/sugar addiction. I was at a party last night with a table that included cake, cream puffs, brownies, cookies, candies. A year ago I would have tried everything. Last night I ate a few pieces of cheese and fruit. I thought about eating some of the crap but was kind of like...not that good and I'll bloat.

    My loss has slowed a lot lately, but I feel like I have basically "fixed" my eating habits and it shouldbe no big deal to clean up a few minor issues and see more loss. I just feel so free now and no more anxiety about a binge. I never feel like I "earned" a sweet or ate an unsatisfying dinner. It's bizarre- I just eat these real healthy foods that taste very good and don't want the junk anymore.

    I can't believe I didn't grab a cream puff or an M&M. A few months ago, I'd still grab a nono every so often and was always disappointed in the taste, so I guess my mind is finally agreeing with my body that that cookie is pointless.

    I still have an icecream and chocolate habit, but no binges on those - a small bowl of ice cream or a square or two of chocolate (sometimes a bit more, but never gets out of hand).

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    Eureka! I can do half a pullup; I can get myself up there about halfway and hold...I'm quite pleased with myself as I've totally been slacking lately on the bodyweight exercises.
    Went Primal July 25th, 2011.

    Current Age: 25

    Total Loss: 126 lbs

    Starting Stats: Weighed 266 lbs, Body Fat 37.6% (100 lbs), BMI 40.9

    Current Stats: Weight 140 lbs, Body Fat 15.2% (21.1 lbs), BMI 21.2

    Current Goals: Get a stronger core through Pilates and continue being as Primal as I can be.

    My Weight Loss Notes Now on a blog page. It starts with "My Weight Loss: Introduction." Available to the public, share with friends if you'd like!

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    Wahoo! I can do 20 push ups in a row and then after doing squats and planks I did 5 more push up! This is great for me; I am working on building up my upper body strength. Oh and Trekfan, Great job on the half a pull up!! I am working on this too! You give me inspiration to keep trying.

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