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Thread: Share a triumph!

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    I feel this is a triumph, I went to McDonalds to rant about co-workers and ate a Big Mac minus half the bun (already a triumph in my book) and my friend ate her burger minus half the bun (I am converting her another win), but the even better part is I got incredibly mad at one of my co-workers and did not rush out and buy nasty junk food or eat the French Fries that came with my friends meal (neither of us wanted them) instead I drank a bottle of water.

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    everything i do is a triumph

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    Last week was a triumph for me. I'm nearly 43, have a back injury (so not much exercise in the past 10 years), 4 children. Last week, I filled in for 2 people at work (I've only been working since last May btw, SAHM before then), which resulted in 12 hour days Mon, Tues, Wed and 6 Thurs and Fri. I breezed it! Wasn't exhausted (pleasantly tired), ate relatively small amounts of food, IF'd each day (cos I was up at 4.30am), no problems getting out of bed.

    And I started the leptin reset last Aug, took till Jan to completely get there, but now, instead of thinking of food all the time, I'm thinking about sex all the time! LOL Now I have a better understanding of what men go through

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    Really enjoying reading everyone's triumphs! A few from the last month or so for me:

    1) I no longer care what I weigh. Been "stuck" at 280-285 for several months now, but my clothes slowly get looser and I keep getting stronger. I don't care what the scale says, I care what my friends and family say. Had a longtime friend tell me last weekend how skinny I look - that's the kind of stuff that sticks with you.

    2) Truly enjoying my food has become a big focus, no matter what I'm eating.

    3) Started wearing Merrell barefoot type shoes. I have disproportionately large big toes, so I figured this was a better way to go than the Five Fingers.

    4) Signed up for not one, but two Tough Mudder courses - doing the Wisconsin one in September and the Twin Cities one in May. Perhaps I'll see some of you there??? Might do another one or two over the summer as time and money permit

    Keep the good vibes coming - I love reading these things!

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    Finally broke the 200's(started at 280) and am now able to wear Medium(started at almost XXXL) size shirts. Hell yeah!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hardwarehank View Post
    Finally broke the 200's(started at 280) and am now able to wear Medium(started at almost XXXL) size shirts. Hell yeah!
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    Yesterday I got out a suit I'd bought new & had tailored for an event exactly one year ago.

    Front now overlaps to where the button & buttonhole line up with my armpits.
    Shoulder padding sticks out 2" beyond my actual shoulders on each side.

    "Worthless now," I thought.

    Then as I put the clown-suit back on its hanger, I checked the pocket. $20 cash!

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    After working at it for almost 9 months, I did my first, unassited, pull-up! Also hit 60 lbs. gone today (but I'm more excited about the pull-up).

    Congrats to everyone on all the personal triumphs!

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    So i pulled out the dreaded scale this morning after moving a ring to a different finger to keep wearing it.

    14 days of freezing my balls off in ice-water.
    12 pounds removed
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