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    Tonight my mma instructor mentioned that he's seen a marked improvement in my performance over the last few weeks.
    Staying calm, lots of energy, and improved speed and endurance. That made my day.

    A co-worker also mentioned today that I've been in a great mood lately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kev View Post
    all my old 38 in waist are falling off now, but I can keep them up with a tight belt.

    I couldn't stand the too loose pants anymore. I found 4 pair of jeans and two pair of slacks in the closet all 36" waist that all fit pretty well. I also ordered 2 new pair of slacks that should arrive any day. I can't believe I have gone from a snug fitting 40" waist to a properly fitting 36" waist since January. I hope to have the 36" waist falling off soon!
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    Griiiiffffff!!!!! That is so freakin' cool. Congrats.

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    I am past the halfway mark of the 50 lbs I want to lose!

    I tried on jeans at the mall, and I was down 6" in my waist, 4+" in my hips.
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    I was at the gym last night with my PT who has supported me all the way throught PB (since Oct 09) and helped me recover from herniated discs. I was being asked for tips by other gym members on a particular bodyweight activity I was doing using a BOSU and my PT told them that it was the most advanced exercise he could think of and I was the best person he'd seen doing it!!! He also told me afterwards that he was so pleased to see the real me emerge - muscles, stamina and fantastic posture and strength!

    So happy!

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    SO - I weighed myself and had my blood pressure taken last night...

    WHen I started I was 175 over some other large number... and 274 pounds (Started beginning of March-ish)

    Last night I topped off at 254 pounds and 120/80 BP! NORMAL BP!!

    Doctors told me I'd be on BP meds for the rest of my life!


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    My newest triumph is the fact that I weigh less now than I have since 2005!
    March 1st 2010: 308lbs | CW: 219lbs / 18.5%BF | New Goal: 16% BF
    Male. 28. 6'4''. Currently working on them muscles and strength!

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    Today I noticed that when a coworker brought donuts in (which is rare), I didn't even flinch or get the craving that I thought I would. Hot-friggin-damn
    I definitely feel the craving for grains is for sugar...that is a battle that rages on.

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    Just came back from the doctor.... so, I broke 2 or 3 bones on my foot three weeks ago. I am already 90% healed and removed the cast when usually it takes about 2 months. They were amazed.

    Carnivore FTW!
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    It is incredibly inspiring to read through these

    I have only gotten back on the horse in the last couple weeks, but I have already had a few small triumphs that are motivating. My mom told me (and I agree, heh) that I looked like I'd lost a bunch of weight, though in reality I've maybe lost a couple lbs. I realized that I was basically mildly bloated all the time, and I feel so much better now! I'm never going back to all those grains.

    Second is energy. I realized yesterday that, despite have gotten little sleep early in the week as well as having a slow, dull day at work, I was FIRED UP all afternoon. When I first dipped my toe into this WOE I noticed that swapping grains and sugar for good fat and protein abolished my afternoon conk-out, but yesterday was truly amazing. I was even energized sitting in traffic! I thought back on the week (week two of 95/5 Primal) and it's been like this for days. I didn't even realize that I was low energy before!

    Third thing is hunger. I've experimented with mild IF the past couple weeks, skipping breakfast or delaying lunch for a few hours. In the past getting hungry was like a national emergency. After just three IF experiments I feel totally comfortable riding it out, and I haven't gotten shaky or foggy-headed or grouchy. Just plain ol' hunger, but nothing to sweat about. I also cut back on snacks by about 90%--I NEVER have mid-meal snacks (due to hunger) anymore. So different than in the past, it's really liberating.

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