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    Nice work PrimalJosh!!

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    Good news/bad news =)
    I just got back from a biz trip where I had to deliver a fancy-pants lecture. I took my one fancy-pants jacket/button-up shirt combo which fit just fine the last time I wore it a month or two ago. I put it on the morning of my lecture and realized the blouse and jacket were two sizes too big. Oops!
    Still have a hard time seeing any changes in the mirror, but I can't argue with empirical evidence ;0)
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    I weigh less than my (really thin) husband! (Now, granted he's 6" taller than I, but this is still) 6 years since I last weighed less than him!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TKBSJ View Post
    Nice work PrimalJosh!!
    Make that 900g hehe!
    Believe and achieve.

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    My pants fell down!

    I have now lost 10kgs or 8.33% of my body weight. And I do feel fantastic – swimming (my newly discovered and now preferred exercise) is really strengthening my muscles and to be able to do normal things like walk upstairs, go shopping, carry bags etc without long bouts of back pain is like a miracle. And last weekend I put on a pair of pants I hadn't worn since November, the elastic waist with a drawstring type. I've never had to use the drawstring, they have always been a firm fit. Imagine my delight when they fell down!
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    I did chin-up negatives at martial arts yesterday wearing my gi pants and a racerback tank top... two people told me I was "ripped" and my boyfriend told me I've put on a lot of upper body muscle.

    This totally makes me want to go do more chin-up exercises!!!
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    I did a semi-kipping pullup!!!! I did 5 of them! Semi-kipping because I was standing 3" off the ground to give my arms a 30* bend at the elbow and then jumping, but it counts, dammit!
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    Completed my first WARRIOR Dash today!! Completed every obstacle--even the 20ft wall that I had to pull myself up and scale back down! WOOT!!!

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    Converted my mother! 2 weeks in, she's down 8 lbs!
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    My father has just told me that he and my mother will try to go wheat-free. This is a major success because my mother is the biggest bread lover I know. For her, bread is not just a carrier of other foods but a delicacy (by bread, I mean this, not the fluffy, sweetish stuff that is the "default" kind of bread in many countries). She is able to eat several slices a day just like that, with milk or tea. She has been very healthy all her live, but her blood pressure has been creeping up lately (she can go as far as 160/100). I told her she could try to eliminate cereals, sugar and vegetable oils for 2 weeks and see how it works. And my father, with a host of health problems (nothing serious at the moment, though), will follow suit. I am so happy. Please keep your fingers crossed for them - and for me.

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