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    More triumphs for me. I feel like I should start a journal. 1 month and 1 week in (judging by my join date here) and I am down 9 pounds. I sleep like a rock, enjoy exercising (stopped stressing about getting it in). My anxiety is gone, I feel clear headed and self assured. My stomach rarely gets messed up. The last time it was really bad was after I drank several beers. My strength is growing because of my sandbag workouts. I don't need to get cardio in before I feel like I shaken out the cobwebs in the morning. And my diet ROCKS! More veggies and good for me meat, less junk. I have lost the urge to snack on crap and do not miss wheat at all, even pasta my fav. I have not found it difficult in the least to avoid grains, and I spend a lot less money eating out.

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    My 80 year old BFF/ 2nd Mom has just been officially taken off "pre-diabetic" status by her doctor after eating fully Primal for about 6 months. Yay!

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    Just bought size 34 Levi's.

    My parents have gone primal.

    I'll find myself carrying or moving something that used to seem heavy, and suddenly realizing, "Hey!"

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    CBC/Chem panel results are in: total cholesterol count 172 and my doc even circled it and added a handwritten "excellent!!!" on the lab report ;0)
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    Yesterday at the company holiday party, I partook of some of the mini dessert options since the catering company was really good. They had these mini "eggnog shots" that I took a few sips of, but then actually put down because they were WAAAY too sugary. Seriously all I tasted was sugar. I also had a bite of this layered triffle-shot thing, but the top layer was like a lemon custard and it too was so sugary (and also I hate lemon desserts) that I eventually gave up even trying to dig through it to get the berries out. The thing that I did enjoy was the small cups of chocolate mousse* with heavy cream on top, which were noticably lower in sugar and absolutely satisfying and awesome. I had two.

    *Shockingly, these were the ones that everyone else was passing up, probably because a) they probably tasted bland by comparison to the sugar-heavy other things, and b) all of the seriously lumbering, giant old women that work around here were complaining about the fat in the cream while they stuffed their faces full of cookies.
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    not really a triumph- but pretty frickin' awesome in my book:
    Had this for lunch at work and licked my plate in front of my co-workers. My co-workers kept asking "And HOW much weight have you lost eating like this?" AND I ate 2 steaks for supper. I'm pretty pleased with myself
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    I weighed in under 100kg for the first time in many years today (99.9 to be precise , around 220 pounds ). Still a ways to go but for those of us in the metric system it's a nice little psychological milestone to get back to two digits.

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    I weighed in under 100kg for the first time in many years today (99.9 to be precise , around 220 pounds ). Still a ways to go but for those of us in the metric system it's a nice little psychological milestone to get back to two digits.

    Well done mate, I'm honing in on that one myself.

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    Just got some new jeans. Tried on a pair I liked in an AU size 12 (I think that's a US size 8), but both I and the sales assistant agreed they were a little loose. So I tried (and bought) the size 11 instead.

    Smallest. Jeans. Ever. Since I was literally a child. At some point I'm going to have to get a handle on the idea of not thinking of myself as incurably "fat" any more.
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    Hi everyone, I'm new here. I've been living the PB lifestyle for a month now, and loving it. I started at 219.5 and this morning I am 203. I've lost inches, too, but unfortunately did not measure my starting inches. However, I am wearing all the smallest sized pants in my closet (I am a pear shape so that's where I notice the biggest difference). I think my goal weight is 150, but I'm not sure (I'm 5'7" for those who are curious, and have a large frame). I'll see when I get there! I'm getting used to the idea that I might actually look the way I've always wanted, and all I have to do is stick with this! I feel great, energetic, my mind is clear and focused, and I feel so positive and happy. These are all pretty much the total opposite of how I felt before I started this. I had been trying to wrap my brain around being "happy" with how I looked because I had just failed at another CW diet. Seeing the changes in me have convinced a few ladies at work to start PB in the New Year!

    Thank you to everyone for your inspiring posts. They have been extremely encouraging to me and I can't wait to read more!

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