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    down another pant size. that's 6" down from this time a year ago and 4" down from when I started back on, oh, August 1st. What's amazing to me is that I ate really horribly for the past month. I remained firmly primal, but ate more carbs than perhaps I should have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mixie View Post
    Here's a triumph: after four years of "trying" for pregnancy and avoiding all well-meaning medical interventions to help, seven months of Primal living (and my husband) got me pregnant =)
    CONGRATULATIONS MIXIE!!!!!! Adding more members to the primal tribe is a good thing.

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    Hooray! Thanks, Paleobird--you're the best ;0)

    Another Primal triumph; with some helpful prenatal nutrition reminders from dragonfly, I lowered my BP drastically in just a couple days!
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    I just crossed two big thresholds lifting, I'm benching 10lbs heavier than my bodyweight (x3), and my 1rm deadlift is just over double my body weight. feels good!

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    Quote Originally Posted by primal pete View Post
    I just crossed two big thresholds lifting, I'm benching 10lbs heavier than my bodyweight (x3), and my 1rm deadlift is just over double my body weight. feels good!
    Outstanding job. Outstanding. Congratulations. That is a lot of work.

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    I don't know if it's Primal, or newfound confidence, or what- but I was driving through downtown yesterday and got not just a definate second look, but also an appreciative smile from some totally random (good looking) guy. And I smiled back

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    I ran into Walgreens for some Fisherman's Friend cough/throat lozenges (not totally Primal, but great for the nasty cough me and several co-workers have at the mo) and found that they had all of their Chiradelli chocolate bars on sale at 2 for $3.00... including the 86% Intense Dark. I spent $9.00 on chocolate today - enough to last me and the DH over a month.
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    My wife and I have been primal since September. In that time, I've lost 10lbs - enough weight that all my jeans are slipping on me, and so is my utilikilt. Argh! So it's really awesome, but also a bit frustrating because it means having to buy new pants. I think I've dropped *at least* one pants size, maybe more - I used to be a 34, and now there are at least 5 inches of space in my waistband that are no longer being filled by my body! I have an Etsy shop, so to celebrate(and raise some jeans money) I thought I'd have a 20% off sale. I've been grinning every time I think of the catch phrase I used - "my loss is your gain". Anyways. If anyone's curious, you can find my shop here: I'm not sure what the rules are to linking to outside sites, so I won't put up an actual hyperlink.

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    still working and pushing .. and still havent started working out ... but ive dropped 66 lbs in 3.5 months .. gone from 44 waist to 36 and its starting to feel big .. my 2XL shirts that fit decent before im swimming in .. i need XLs now, and really could nearly wear L ..but still waiting until i lose more weight to buy more clothes .. my true goal of 225 by new years should be hit which would be AWESOME ... 200 by March would be MAGIC .. and thats the goal .. Large shirts, 34 pants ... in spring ..

    anyways , i feel like ive triumphed .. also ive converted 3 other people (more including family)

    push on guys/gals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    started at 310 July 23rd 2011 ... workin and workin!

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    As of today I've lost 40 lbs on Primal! I posted pics in the "Before and After" thread so let me know what you think!
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    Nov 1st: 202lbs

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