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Thread: Share a triumph!

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    Quote Originally Posted by primalfamily View Post
    I am weaning off my PPI. no more prilosec. been taking zantac (ranitidine) for last 3 days. will be reducing dose as time goes on until I can quit for good.
    Right there whitcha. 2 days of nothing. But I'm keeping the pepcid and tums aroudn for emergencies. Sure hoping I can quit for good....
    Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....

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    Halfway through Whole30 and I'm finally waking up with consistent fasting BG ranging from 85-95. Regardless if I gorge on protein the previous day! Apparently, dairy is a bad thing (never knew that until now!)
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    I finally can post that I've lost >100lbs - actually 101 this morning!!! Sept. 7 I was at the 99lb mark and it's been teasing me daily but finally a huge mile marker.

    We went to Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park Sunday and got some great family pics while hiking. It is so strange to me to see pics of myself and like them - I'm surprised at how much smaller I've gotten because I still feel fat (I still have a ways to go). I used to think - "wow, I'm huge" in those pics. I also used to be in constant pain and always looking for the next bench to rest at, but now am pain free and full of energy. I was the one who insisted we hike around a second lake.

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    I can bend the first joint on my index finger completely with only a tiny bit of pain today! I smashed it quite badly in a door my Freshman year in high school and it's been stiff and painful since.

    Also the scale tells me I'm at 224 My goal is to get under 200 by my birthday in February.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tigerfeet View Post
    I can bend the first joint on my index finger completely with only a tiny bit of pain today! I smashed it quite badly in a door my Freshman year in high school and it's been stiff and painful since.
    Thats wonderful!!! It might seem a small thing to many, but Ive been dealing with extremely bad flexibility issues myself so I know how amazing it is to regain something you thought you had lost forever
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    I went to the park with the dog this weekend for a nice hike with lots of hills - we do this at least a few times a week. For some reason, I just felt like adding in some hill sprints I did about 5 of them and....I can't believe I am saying this....they were kinda fun!

    I have always, always, always hated exercise - even in the YEARS I spent as a very fit athlete. I just never understood the joy people took in exerting themselves I did it because I was supposed to, but it was always a white-knuckling-it kind of experience. I have pretty bad RA and low energy (all greatly helped by primal) so I had sort of decided that my body just hated to move when it didn't need to.

    So I'm not exactly ready to go out and start cross-fit or anything - but I am looking forward to my trip out to the park for some sprints - which is huge for me

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    Mud Flinger - AMAZING. Awesome news!
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    I love this thread even more than the before/after pix thread. Makes my heart smile.

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    My 14 year old son just came in with his shirt off -- "look, Mom... I'm not husky anymore!" He's not as on board with primal as the DH and I, but that clearing out the pantry and fridge has really made a (10-15lb) difference in him, too! (proud/smug mom blush)
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    My girlfriend can put her arms around me and interlace her fingers... when we met she could get the tips of her middle fingers to just touch if she squeezed hard.


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