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Thread: Share a triumph!

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    I've now got 15° of extension in my back! That is a 50% increase in just one month. This is the power of barre3.

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    Baby's makin' a comeback!
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    Two nights ago I went out and bought a couple of size medium polo shirts for maybe the first time ever. Wearing one today I had two people I see every day look at my like they had never seen me before. Big change wearing clothes that fit.
    Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....

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    Last night, after a concert, Loving Husband desperately wanted coffee. We stopped at a Dunkin Donuts. He got a coffee and glazed doughnut. Me? Nada. And I realized, standing at the counter and looking at all the pastries, that I had no desire for a doughnut, either. (The coffee I avoided because it was late at night and the thought of getting sleep was more happiness-making than the thought of a caffeine instabuzz.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by JackieKessler View Post
    And I realized, standing at the counter and looking at all the pastries, that I had no desire for a doughnut, either.
    I have to say that people who say things like this astonish me. I may choose not to have any donuts or pastries, but I will absolutely never get to a place when I have no desire for them.
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    A co-worker brought in cookies the other day and another brought in muffins. I didn't give either of them a second thought.
    There are two wolves fighting within a man's heart, one is Love, the other is Hate. The one that wins is the one you feed.

    My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we'll change the world. - Jack Layton

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    Quote Originally Posted by mammlouk View Post
    I may choose not to have any donuts or pastries, but I will absolutely never get to a place when I have no desire for them.
    You say that now...............just wait.

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    Have liked my clothes baggy for the last 25 years... gotta hide that fat! Today, I tried on some of my more 'form fitting' stuff only to find that it hangs on me like a tent! Pants with elastic waists/drawstrings are becoming too loose to stay up, t-shirts don't roll up over my tuckus, sleeves aren't too tight... oh JOY!

    I started out at 274 lbs at the beginning of July... now down to 234! Never feeling really hungry, eating yummy real food, not really exercising beyond an evening walk several days a week. I could see the weight dropping on the scale, but didn't really FEEL much different body shape-wise.

    People at work are is noticing...hubby has been noticing (rroowr ) now I'm finally noticing!

    (thinks about hitting thrift stores for "transition outfits"...)

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    It my cousin's wedding last Saturday, several of my family almost didn't recognize me and one even called me "skinny minnie"

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    I needed to measure some stuff, and all I could find was a cloth tape measure. For kicks, I measured my waist for the first time in months - something I usually avoid because its depressing and I get angry and upset. I've lost 5" off my waist. Its taken months, but holy crap!! I've lost 5 freaking inches of my waist!!!!
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    I measure my goals in pants sizes.

    And last night, on a whim, I took down the size 42's that I'd been wanting to wear for ... oh about a year, but had been just too big to get into.

    I pulled them on, zipped them up, buttoned them! They're still a little snug, but give me two weeks and I will be IN those awesome black camo Lee's cargo pants! I am glad, though, that they come with a belt!!
    Down from 275 to 250!
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