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    Sep 2011
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    Have lost 3st in weight in less than 3 months, eating more than I did before

    Activity level is starting to increase to the stage that I actually sprinted several times yesterday over short distances and run up stairs now (could hardly walk up stairs before, huffing and puffing). Join karate class next Friday and swing dance classes next Sunday - going to have fun exercising.

    Mentally, I'm at the most positive I can actually remember and sharpest, studying for my second degree now

    So thanks Grok!

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    Sep 2011
    Day 9 of Back On The Wagon. Three pounds gone. Sleeping all night. Hands not numb when I wake up.

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    I dropped 10 pounds in 3 months, feeling my body coming back to his normal not-bloated shape after one very bad year of high stress, binges, sugar and bad carbs addiction and poor sleep... looking myself in the mirror with no clothes and realizing "This is me, I am back"... this is the biggest triumph for me . And also, yesterday I could wear again a pair of jeans which I was going to donate or throw away last spring, thinking I was never going to be back to my healthy normal weight, because "well, perhaps this is normal woman's body change... "... no way
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    I lost 6.8 pounds this past week! This has made my week.

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    I said no to a hot, fresh, krispy kreme doughnut that a patient offered me last night. The old me would have had one, wanted three more, and then stopped on the wait home to purchase said three more and devour them disgustingly.

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    Learning to love my reflection....I don't fear mirrors like I was a vampire or frankenstein's monster any more.
    Still got quite a ways to go, but noticing differences all over.

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    I dropped one size!!!

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    My boyfriend bought me a slinky red dress.

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    ^ nice!
    yeah you are

    I used to think I was funny until I met Kathy Griffin. Iím gonna have to call my mama and have her tell me how good I am. - ginger minj

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    Despite a few extra stresses lately, I'm staying on track and still losing weight. The stress is causing a little sleep disruption, but I will figure out how to handle that. In the past, I probably would have just stayed in bed for the whole weekend and eaten packages of cookies
    My Primal Journal with lots of food pr0n

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