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Thread: Share a triumph!

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    mom's finally on board with primal, which means dad and sibling are by default because she's the cook
    yeah you are

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    I used to be a total sugar addict. Today, my boyfriend took me into an old-style sweet shop, where there were jars on shelves that went right up to the ceiling on every wall. He was really excited as he was taking me down to it. 'There's so much sugar in there, you will LOVE this place!!'
    I got in and looked around, and I didn't want a lick of anything. The BF took me by the shoulders and shook me a bit when he saw how unimpressed I was xD 'You've CHANGED, girl!' He doesn't like it. But tough shit. I'd rather go to a bacon shop ^_^
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    Quote Originally Posted by PixieKitten View Post
    But tough shit. I'd rather go to a bacon shop ^_^
    HAAAAAAAAAA. That is awesome

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    My boyfriend has started eating the same things as me, to an extent. He still bought tortellini and bulkie rolls for a quick dinner/lunch (we also got lunch meat), but the chicken and veggies we got tell me that he's okay with my meat & veggies diet
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    Quote Originally Posted by Griffin View Post
    Congratulations Kvalhion!
    Indeed. Nicely done.

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    I'm still in a semi-swoon over "Bacon Shop"...

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    Cooked 3 paleo/primal meals in a row, and DH hasn't complained at all, even without me cooking extra side dishes for him! You have to understand, he is SUCH a pasta/carb guy, this is HUGE. I think watching cooking shows with Gordon Ramsay is making him more adventurous in what he tries, and I'm attempting to make my foods more complex and interesting so he thinks I'm cooking "gourmet" not primal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OperaDivaMom View Post
    I'm attempting to make my foods more complex and interesting so he thinks I'm cooking "gourmet" not primal.
    That's a great way to sell it - I am cooking much more like gourmet than I ever used to just to because gourmet is from scratch cooking.

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    I've been lazy, but i finally managed a couple full girlie pushups (about 5-6 actually). This is big for me, conquering the damage from childhood abuse in my shoulders (dislocated several times, thanks mom). It's taken several months longer than a normal person. But i'm over the hardest bit!

    EDIT: Special thanks to all the tips and helpful advice to my noob questions. Especially Al Kavadlo (sorry if i spelled your name wrong) for being such a patient person, and your very helpful blog/videos!
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    I was walking around the house last night and a neighbour came over and he said, "Man, you're getting all skinny!"
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