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Thread: public stairs: your gym

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    pretty fun ideas on how to use stairs (and other public infrastructure) as a workout device:

    lots of crawling! I'd like to try the backwards-up-the-stair crawl...

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    here's a thread about parkour:

    Here's some more tutorials I've come across that I don't think that's in that thread:

    the monkeysee link in the other MDA thread shows some of the more fun stuff, and shows some good places to start (Or seems to be)

    Probably grok would walk around things today like we do, but it's fun to assume he'd move more like this. I've been trying out various things lately, and enjoying it. I know I'll never be Damien Walters (, but it's still something I enjoy doing. Heck, I'd settle for being able to do a reasonable tictac.

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    it's also a pain here because the nyc parks dept is set on making sets of 6-7 stairs, then a platform, then 6-7 stairs. I finally found a long set of stairs in Prospect Park, but they don't seem to be very stable and are very inconsistent. Don't really want to be doing 1-legged jumps up steps and have them move on me.

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    That looks so fun! Great link. Thanks!

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