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Thread: Woot! Free shipping from Tropical Traditions!

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    Woot! Free shipping from Tropical Traditions!

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    I was just ordering some coconut flour from Tropical Traditions (2 - 2.2 lb packages for $19.99), but shipping was going to be $10. So, I groaned and did a quick Bing to see if I could find some sort of discount for them. I found a coupon code that gave me free shipping, 61113. I don't know how long the discount is going to be in effect, but I thought someone here might be interested.

    BTW, here's a link to their website: Welcome to Tropical Traditions
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    Thanks! I just placed an order!

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    oooh I wonder if that code would work with the meat? I see they have a great deal on ground beef right now..

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    I wish this thread had been started two weeks ago. I just paid about $10 in shipping from Tropical Traditions.

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