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Thread: How often to eat certain foods?

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    How often to eat certain foods?

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    Anyone know the frequency we should be eating foods?

    Ex) you need the trytophan from turkey every x days, the b vitamins from steak every y days, the antioxidants from dark chocolate every n days?

    Just looking to try and optimize a balanced diet ( I know no such thing as optimal, but I would like to be atleast pointed in that direction ).

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    I wouldn't worry about it too much and just eat what you feel when you are hungry. Have a good amount of veggies and a good amount of any meat/fish/eggs until you feel you have had enough. If you don't need to lose weight have some potatoes or some other starchy vegetable. Use butter and coconut oil liberally. In my opinion, thinking about the trytophan in turkey you eat seems like an unnecessary added stress.

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