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Thread: Primal /Paleo on a budget?

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    Primal /Paleo on a budget?

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    I have to admit part of wanting to go primal or Paleo is because I am also interested in adopting a frugal or minimalist lifestyle. To me and maybe I'm wrong but it seems a lot of health and weight issues in America and the world go hand in hand with the endless desire to consume more or buy more.No one is ever happy with what they have. I will confess I am guilty of it myself big time.I'm always telling my wife how I want this or that new device or do some class or whatever instead of using what I already have and being happy with that.
    I used to be obsessed with self help until an argument with my wife made me realize how much money I was spending on crap that never worked and never will.I somehow thought I could magically fix all my problems and be happy but now I understood how delusional that is.Maybe it was endless viewings of Fight Club but I am now determined not to spend money on junk I don't need and work on becoming debt free.I want to be primal but I need to do it in a financially responsible way.Can anyone offer suggestions?

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    well, I base my purchases on the following: protein first, vegetables second. Being cash strapped won't prevent you from acquiring good protein. Eggs, particularly, are a good, cheap way to acquire protein. Second, you can splurge once in a while on good cuts of lamb (I found them to be cheaper than other meats in some cases). As far as veggies, after reading stuff about oxalate content, I've kept my veggie consumption much lower than I used to. This allows you to space out whatever veggies you did buy over an additional day, or two. Plus, find a local supplier of berries to get them on the cheap. If you're close to a farmer's market, you could find good deals on produce.

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    There are tons of blogs out there on the topic if you do a google search. I have been blogging about this topic too. Search the forums and you will find a lot of tips.

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    Eggs and pork shoulder/picnic shoulder/boston butt are excellent sources of cheap protein. As are store-brand sausages (be sure to check that they use no fillers). Likewise chicken goes on sale with fair frequency, as does ground beef. As someone said above, I also prioritize protein then veggies (though with two vegetarians in my family I have to be even more careful with the meats that I buy so I have plenty left over for veggies). Nuts often become a luxury item for me.

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