Name: Otter
Age: 42 (gah!)
Weight: 130
Height: 4' 11" (ok, it's 10.75", but I round up)

I've been doing sports/exercising regularly since late high school and got interested in nutrition about 20 years ago. Several years ago I broke myself (overtraining + vitamin D deficiency). I got better, but the weight is still hanging around.

Anyway -El Hubbo is an endurance athlete who lives on crap ("it says 'healthy' on the box!"). He doesn't do any strength training, doesn't think diet is important and says things like "Exercise FOUR HOURS a day and I guarantee you'll lose weight". He's very tall and lanky with a pronounced tummy; it went away when he was training 4 hours a day for the Ironman, but it came back less than 2 months afterward. I secretly think to myself "15lb in 12 months is not super-impressive", but I don't want to belittle his accomplishment. Besides, he IS an Ironman and I haven't done anything longer than a half marathon.

I'm physically (and mentally) the polar opposite. I fenced in highschool and college, did the bodybuilding thing, after I recovered from my mystery condition I took up martial arts and roller derby. So, I'm all explosive speed and fast-twitch muscle. Two miles into the marathon/2 I was so bored I thought my head would explode.

Anyway - my goal is to get below 120lb using PB. Technically I'd still be "overweight", but last I checked my LBM was 97lb (prob a little less now), so BMI can SUCK IT. I've been half-assed Primal since about February so I'd like to buckle down and show El Hubbo that I am RIGHT and nutrition and strength training are important

Also - I'm hoping PB will help with fertility. We've been diagnosed with "unexplained infertility" and had have 2 IUI's fail. I was all no-alcohol, no-caffeine, no-sweeteners until the first one failed and then I was like "eff this, I'm having a diet coke!" which brings us to

THE CHALLENGES: 1) Diet Pepsi Max addiction, you can tell me it's unhealthy, doesn't work.... 2) I quit all my sports 2 months ago and am feeling a little lost

Anyway - I'll try to be entertaining if you'll come back and kick my ass if I slack off. What if I post bikini pictures? ... no, not NOW, when I'm hot again.... how about cat pictures? ha ha, ok I'll shut up now.