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Thread: Leptin Reset Experiment starts today - Jack Kruse style

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    Well, duh. I thought the optimal living was our other optimal site. Got confused. I found the link on Doc's Facebook.

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    One word.....Awesome.

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    Hi everyone. I am coming late to the party here and trying to catch up on the reading but this is after all the monster thread. I started Leptin Reset about two weeks ago and added CT a week ago. I have Hashimoto's, so I am doing Leptin Reset, AI protocol (no dairy, no eggs, no nightshades), leaky gut RX and adrenal RX. I am also an Hcg'er. After Hcg I have had continual problems with low blood sugar, which I now gather is related to adrenal functioning. I am also having a hard time maintaining on the leptin reset and have gained about 2-3 pounds. I would like to lose about 7 pounds and have the blubby belly issue. I guess the term around here is skinny fat. I am 5’6&1/2 and around 130# but do not have anywhere near a flat stomach. I am eating low carb high fat but don't think I am any where near keto status. I generally need three meals a day too. Find it hard to do the BAB without eggs but I'm experimenting with different combos of foods and seeing what makes me feel full without feeling like crap. I started CT with the facedunks but couldn't tolerate having my nose in the water - totally made my sinuses go wako and now I have some sort of head cold/sinus thing going on (I haven’t had a problem with my sinuses in over two years). I moved on to cold packs on my stomach and back twice a day and once that was ok on the skin, I moved on to cold baths. I have done three. I can’t say it’s pleasant at all. It sometimes sets my Raynaud’s off and I do not warm up very fast. Last night, I did 20 minutes in 55 degree water before bed and two hours later, I was still shivering. I have read a lot of comments about the shivering but don’t know what that is a sign of other than I am not cold adapted! I know my Omega 6s are too high from what I have read and from looking at my before diet (mayo, blue cheese salad dressing, almonds…). So working on that. I read about the salmon oil and will be looking for some of that.
    So far with my reset and CT, I have a lot of bloating (is it the coconut oil and is it a good thing??). I have a head cold. Mild weight gain. I seem to have one good day and one day where I feel like crap (tired and hungry and irritable). Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and had some mild nausea. Any pointers, advice would be greatly appreciated! THANKS

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    Quote Originally Posted by kkcarlton View Post
    mix it with a butt load of cinnamon and eat it as dessert.
    Coconut oil w/cinnamon as dessert? Tell me more. Not using manna, but actual CO?

    Do you have a recipe?

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    Good morning Ladies

    The forums over at will probably get you answers quicker.

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    Has anyone had success using CT to reduce belly fat/waiste size? Is so, what did you do? Ice packs, cold showers, cold baths? How much did you reduce?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paleofan View Post
    Has anyone had success using CT to reduce belly fat/waiste size? Is so, what did you do? Ice packs, cold showers, cold baths? How much did you reduce?
    No success with any weightloss for me with CT or inches.
    Amie Sue...

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    chirp, chirp, chirp...awful quiet here. Everyone must have been cured...

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    Quote Originally Posted by otzi View Post
    chirp, chirp, chirp...awful quiet here. Everyone must have been cured...
    I think a good portion of ppl migrated over to Jack's new forum... I'm bouncing btwn the two... b/c there's a lot here at MDA I like -
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    They've all moved to the new Kruse Forum! Optimized Living Forums

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