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Thread: Leptin Reset Experiment starts today - Jack Kruse style

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vilica View Post
    After my adventure with the DHEA Keto 7, which apparently had such an awful impact on my thyroid - heart flutters and total zombie brain - I'm even less sure about what to do about that thyroid. I remember from the past that i cannot take kelp either, it makes me hyper and aggressive. Also I do not have a cold skin or lack of energy - most of the time - which I think are thyroid deficiency problems. So I came to the conclusion that it would probably be best if I do nothing further about it, just the LR and hoping that will finally make me lose weight. BTW I gained all 7 pounds back in a few days after I stopped the DHEA Keto 7. Must have been water, for I got rid of half of that again, but am still not where I was at my lowest.

    I am going to see my doctor next week, for my annual blood test. He asked for me to do that because of my crazy diet - carnivore - and the past few years all values have been just wonderful. I will get the regular cholesterol test, blood sugar, liver function and kidney function, and the normal thyroid stuff, which isn't very specific. I am thinking of asking about D3, cortisol and the T3/rT3 ratio, which I seem to have read somewhere is important. Anything important that I'm forgetting? Should I ask for estrogen and progesteron? (I'm a 62 year old woman) Is HCG something they can test?

    Thanks for all input!
    i cannot take kelp either,

    one have a problem taking iodine
    selenium is low

    check selenium

    may be simpler

    Super Selenium Complex, 200 mcg 100 capsules
    2/day--> Super Selenium Complex, 200 mcg 100 capsules

    Do that for a month then try kelp again.

    I prefer


    First vial
    dropperful/day in liquid
    next vials
    2 dropperfull/week

    Is HCG something they can test?


    Ask for Lutenizing Hormone test

    I doubt that it will show much.
    And if it would show LH level for you, doubtfull if that would have any relation to the HCG you taking.

    I am a men taking testosterone injections.
    That is suppresive to my LH & FSH
    Lack of at least LH causes testicular and scrotal atrophy.
    I am taking
    HCG-shot=400iu EOD

    Tested my LH, nothing there.


    adventure with the DHEA Keto 7

    Possible problems,
    neurosteroid imbalances

    progesterone/estrogen imbalance

    Try to keep track of this list, and attempt to solve items that are out of range or out of ratio.

    5α-Androstane-3α, 17β-Diol Glucuronide
    Estradiol, sensitive
    Cortisol, AM/PM

    Anything important that I'm forgetting?*
    insulin, fasting

    (should be <2)

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    Quote Originally Posted by MamaGrok View Post
    I didn't have a problem with fatty stool before, so no change on that front. I was wondering about fat malabsorption b/c a friend just had her enterolabs test come back positive with that.

    My cholesterol & trig's were not low - just got the latter under 100 after three years of eating a traditional foods style. Also, my b12 is 795, IIRC - quite good according to the lab ranges, although I've seen Dr. K rec 1000+. It's so interesting how complex these things can be.
    Oh, sorry, thanks for correction. Yes, very complex and fascinating. Was reviewing the Quilt this morning again and realized how much I didn't see before and how far we have to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrMommyN View Post
    I think I understand how pregnenolone steal happens when the adrenals are trying to keep up with high cortisol production. However, I've read that taking DHEA for someone with LOW cortisol levels could cause them to go even lower. Both come from pregnenolone, but is it simply (ha - I should never use that word) that the adrenals can only handle so much processing? Can anyone enlighten me about this relationship?
    How about taking both


    Before you start eating all that, do inventory, see what you are missing.
    Approach problem in iterative way.
    test, eat, test, eat, test .....................

    I just came from drawing blood for my next test. 12/12/11

    I keep track of what I am doing here:
    JanSz Labs & Tests - Page 23

    11/3/2011 protocol=
    450mg MLM preg,
    200mg DHEA,
    100mg 7keto-DHEA,
    667iu-Ovidrel/EOD, (same as HCG)
    Arimidex 1mg/E5D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Owl View Post
    You don't have to restart the reset. The 25 gm limit is only for someone who has 30 or more pounds to lose. Up to 50 gm is okay if you have less to lose. Going over the limit won't negate everything, just keep on it. I use this one: Nature&#39;s Life Magnesium Malate Tablets, 1300 Mg, 250 Count: Health & Personal Care
    Each tablet has 200mg of mag, 960gm malic acid. I take 3 a day, a few hours before bedtime.

    Calcium isn't exactly a no-no, just usually not necessary while eating paleo, because we're getting enough from our diet.
    Just asking;
    Is this the "approved" version?

    I got
    Source Naturals Magnesium Malate 1250mg 360 tablets $17.15


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mick1967 View Post
    I'm finishing up my 9th week on the Reset. I started the Primal Blueprint 4 weeks before that.

    I'm 44, 5'8", Type-2 diabetic and started the PB in mid-September at 314 lbs.

    Nice story, wish you success.

    eat magnesium malate up to a tolerance,
    that should increase insulin sensitivity (decrease fasting insulin).


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    Quote Originally Posted by MamaGrok View Post
    That was painfully explicit, jansz, lol, but let me suggest not using KY jelly for ANYthing. It was the cause of years and years of antibiotics (for UTIs) that led me down this road to abysmal gut health & all its attendant problems, including sugar addiction.


    Totally agree.

    Go Astroglide, or CO.

    FWIW, the part which mentions KY comes from the original recipe by Doctor Myhill .

    painfully explicit
    sorry for causing you pain

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    Astroglide = infections, too. Bad bad bad! (sorry, still bitter about the decade I've spent trying to solve the health problems caused by that junk)
    5'4" 39yo mother to five sweeties & married to their AMAZING DaddyGrok
    Current Weight: 175lb__________________________________Goal: 135lb
    Deadlift: 240lb________________________________________Back Squat: 165lb
    Bench: 130lb__________________________________________Pre ss: 85lb
    ***Winning a 20-year war against binge eating disorder***

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    thanks a lot Jan! I did actually start the selenium a few months ago, so if that's OK now, I should not have had that crazy reaction to the DHEA Keto 7 either - if those two reactions are related, that is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MamaGrok View Post
    Astroglide = infections, too. Bad bad bad! (sorry, still bitter about the decade I've spent trying to solve the health problems caused by that junk)
    The VERY BEST lube on Planet Earth is the ALL NATURAL Sylk, made from the Kiwi Fruit. We tried them ALL, and sylk is by far the very best. My wife just LOVES it.
    Sylk Special 2 Bottles

    Anything made by K-Y is pure junk in comparison to Sylk. Just my opinion.

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    Hoping you can help - I've been on reset now for 15 weeks. Seeing some LS signs (sleep is great, wake refreshed, clear thoughts, stomach is healing with CO - no weight loss yet testing this week). Struggling with keeping the weight off - may be thyroid or hormones which I am testing. Also...

    I just tested my blood sugar readings again & this is what it was (higher than before as well)

    FBG - 89

    Breakfast - grassfed roast, CO, small slice pumpkin custard with HWC & coffee & HWC

    BG - 30 min after eating - 104

    BG - 1.5 hr after eating -110

    BG - 2.25 hr after eating - 106

    Does this mean the HWC is spiking my insulin too much????

    Appreciate any insight... you guys are better than any doctor's office I have visited....amazing amount of knowledge here. Thanks in advance!

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