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Thread: A Horrible Idea? (Minimalist Shoes)

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    A Horrible Idea? (Minimalist Shoes)

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    My old running shoes are falling apart and I need a new pair of everyday shoes for an upcoming trip. Neither the VFFs or any of the Merrells fit my feet quite right, but I really like the NB Minimus Trails. Anyway, I'm going to be doing a TON of walking and some light hiking on this trip. The problem is that I leave in a little over two weeks so I'm not gonna have much time to get used to them.

    I know there's a long transition period for running in minimalist shoes, but what if I'm not doing any running? I guessing that it would be a bad idea to count on these as my main pair of shoes, but I really don't want to spend money on another pair of "conventional" shoes just for this trip if I don't have to.

    (Six weeks in China BTW)

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    I didn't have any trouble walking in VFFs for long periods right away, but running definitely required a long slow start! Even now if I don't run for a few weeks, my calves are very sore the day after I start up again. As long as you're used to walking a lot already you should be fine.

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    You will likely have sore feet for a few days and blisters. But maybe not.
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    I'm very overweight right now, and could do a couple of miles (walking of course) in my vffs right off the bat. Despite my podiatrist's admonition to wear my conventional running shoes, with orthotics and my ankle wrapped and keep them on as close to every waking moment as possible and avoid barefoot walking at all costs. And magically, my ankle is strong again and my feet are feeling great. Coincidence? I think not.

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    You can always pack one of those old, conventional pair of kicks just in case. Walking and workouts never posed much of a problem for me, but it took me about a month to fully transition to "barefoot" shoes. I can't stand conventional shoes anymore and refuse to wear them.

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    Buy some cheap Chuck Tayors.
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    I would bring an extra pair of old shoes along just in case, but space and weight are at a premium since I'm only bringing a backpack. And I actually wear Chuck Taylors quite a bit. My feet normally kill me after I walk around in them all day. Maybe I'll just have to do a couple really long walks in the new shoes over the weekend and see how I feel.

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    If you're going with the New Balance Minimus, it's not as big of a transition as the Merrel's or VFF. The Minimus still have somewhat of a heel on them, 4mm heel to toe drop. Not that you would want to heel strike in them. If you're just walking, I think the Minimus would be just fine, and much lighter than what you are used to walking in.

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    a pair of water shoes can double as minimalist footwear pretty well. i can't wear my VFFs to work, so i found some black water shoes by teva and i'm good to go. i can walk all day in them, wear them on rough terrain, run, climb trees...and they fit my feet better than a lot of the new styles of barefoot shoes.

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    I liked to wear simple shoes with the sole insert removed while I was transitioning. The sole is just an old piece of tire and very flexible. They're not too expensive if you buy one of the older models online from a third party (around $40), but they don't last as long as some shoes because the glue they use isn't as good. (I think they would be more sustainable if they used really good glue instead of their water based stuff) I would still be wearing them as my primary shoes, but the heel drop became too annoying and I switched to merrell trail gloves.

    If you're going to be walking significantly more than you currently do, your feet will probably be sore for the first few days no matter what.

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