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Thread: A Horrible Idea? (Minimalist Shoes)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyle46N View Post
    If you're going with the New Balance Minimus, it's not as big of a transition as the Merrel's or VFF. The Minimus still have somewhat of a heel on them, 4mm heel to toe drop. Not that you would want to heel strike in them. If you're just walking, I think the Minimus would be just fine, and much lighter than what you are used to walking in.
    +1 They've got a lot more cushion underfoot than most minimal shoes, too.


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    I left the shoes at home and hopped right into full on barefooting. It hurt at first but cut the adjustment time to about 2 weeks.
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    I got my VFFs a week or two before a 2-week trip that involved lots of mountainous hiking. It started to suck after a bit of rocky hiking on long days, but I got through it fine. I was not a huge walker or runner leading up to it, so your feet may adapt quicker than mine.
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