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Thread: Paleo-Primal habits of a self proclaimed grok ;-)

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    Slight changes in the diet......

    M1 - Eggs/organic bacon/salad/Coffee/Efa's

    M2 - Handful of almonds/Berries/Efa's

    M3 - Grass fed beef/Salad/Efa's

    M4 - Eggs/Almond butter/salad/efa's

    M5 - Greek yogurt/berries/efa's

    Salad consists of : cabbage,carrots,broccoli,spinach,kale,cauliflower, onions)

    All the veggies are eaten raw. Love raw veggies.

    My workout consists of the following as of now.....

    Sprints 3 times a week....this is mixed with some pushups, burpees, clean and presses, dumbell swings etc.

    2-3 times a week a circuit consisting of :

    4 Pullups

    8 Box jumps

    12 Burpees

    16 Jumping jacks

    20 Medicine ball slam with all might.

    This is done 10 times.....One minute rest between each circuit.

    Besides this I do some yoga and deep breathing.

    I also do

    1 Glute ham raise

    2 Pistols ( one legged squats )

    3 One arm pushups

    4 Ab wheel

    2 sets max.....on my sprinting days.

    I have already started some snow shoveling as GPP ( general physical preparedness )

    Things to incorporate soon.....

    1 Sledge hammer training as gpp

    2 Some sandbag training

    3 Rock climbing

    4 Snow boarding.

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    I may or may not steal all of this information and use it for my very own!

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    Suit yourself BNDR

    Slight changes in the diet again.......

    M1 Eggs/Bacon/Spinach/EFA'S/Vitamins

    M2 Grassfed beef/Cabbage/Efa's

    M3 Eggs/Kale/Efa's

    M4 Handful of almonds/Espresso/Efa's

    M5 Stirfried chicken legs with skin/Broccoli/Efa's

    4 to 4.5 litres of water a day.

    Added some dumbell work to the mix.....

    Renegade rows, One arm snatches, Two arm clean and jerks, curls n extensions, dumbell swings etc...

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    Slight changes in the diet...

    M1 Eggs/Bacon/Spinach/Apple/Efa's

    M2 Grass fed beef or Venison/Cabbage/Efa's

    M3 Fish( Salmon,Sardines,Tuna,Oysters )/Cabbage/Efa's

    M4 Dairy ( greek yogurt or cottage cheese or a cup of whole milk )/Dark chocolate/Barley greens/Efa's

    Workouts are primarily calisthenics done at a fast pace, sprinting, yoga and deep breathing.

    Once a week is intermittent fasting.

    So far life has been awesome....

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    Dietary changes...

    M1 Postworkout

    Undenatured whey

    1/2 cup of raw milk

    1/2 cup of water

    1 banana

    Vitamin greens

    Fish oil x 2

    M2 Breakfast

    Omega 3 enriched eggs

    Organic bacon

    Parmesan cheese

    Spinach,onions,cayenne pepper


    Vitamin supplements

    Fish oil x 2

    M3 Lunch

    Grass fed beef ( rare to medium rare )

    Broccoli, cucumber, onions, cayenne pepper

    White tea

    Fish oil x 2

    M4 Midevening

    Sardines in olive oil or Salmon or prawns

    Cabbage, onions, cayenne pepper


    Fish oil x 2

    M5 Dinner


    Kale, onions, cayenne pepper

    Green tea with lemon.

    Fish oil x 2

    Treat on weekends...

    1 glass of red wine

    Fruit salad drizzled with honey.


    Chicken wings stirfried in extra virgin olive oil

    Spinach salad with bacon crumbs and balsamic vinegar.

    I'll post a lot of photos in Feb...stay tuned.

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    Workouts are divided into three phases....

    Yoga/Deep breathing/Meditation/jogging early in the morning.

    Calisthenics and dumbell work in the afternoons.

    High intensity cardio, sprints in the night.


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    Following foods have been replaced with a more appropriate substitutes...

    In the past : pastry once a week.

    Now : A small chunk of dark chocolate.

    In the past : Stouts, ales, vodka

    Now : A glass of wine.

    Although I do have beer but that is reserved for very very special occasions and it's no more a weekly binging thing.

    In the past : Smoking cigarettes and a cigar on weekends.

    Now : Eating smokin' and juicy barbecue meats on my george foreman grill. ;-) Smoking is history.

    In the past : French fries, Southern fried chicken, cheese burgers etc as a form of junk food treat.

    Now : Any fatty cut of meat with spinach, kale, cabbage or broccoli...yummy.

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    1 Skin tone and hair texture has dramatically improved. Almost no trace of acne.

    2 Breathing has become deeper and better..discarded the use of nasal spray.

    3 No more hunger pangs leading to junk food binges.

    4 No more mood swings.

    5 No whatsoever temptation to have cheat days.

    6 Dramatic difference in body composition, enhanced vascularity overall including on thighs and calves ( for the first time )

    7 Very active and energetic throughout the day.

    Primal for life.

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