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Thread: Shakes

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    I'm really stretching to find breakfast ideas that are fast and filling. Somewhat sensitive to eggs and fish and there's just so much meat I can eat in the AM. I've seen a few posts with people mentioning shakes - usually with coconut products. Does anyone have good shake recipes to share that don't involve commercial protein powders?


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    Protein powders can be added to any shake, or left out... They're just a supplement, they don't actually add to the flavor. So really you could take any shake recipe and leave out the protein powder if you want. I like the protein powder because I am not great at getting enough protein through other foods.

    I like any combination of coconut milk or almond milk (coconut will give a thicker consistency) and frozen fruit... Especially mixed berries. I also really like about 6oz almond milk with a tablespoon or two of almond butter and a tiny bit of vanilla extract. That's the shake I usually throw my protein powder into. I prefer simple shakes because I'm always out the door to go somewhere. It's hard to go wrong with a shake as long as you like the flavors already! The ratio should be about 1/3 solids (fruit, berries) to 2/3 liquids in order to get a good consistency but it's kind of fun to experiment.

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    Thanks Secret

    A few questions if I may:
    Is there a concern that a shake like that is too carb-y (especially if you leave out the protein powder)? I tried one coconut milk from So Delicious b/c is was recommended in everyday paleo - I really didn't like it! And I love coconut! Not sure if I bought the wrong thing, or what. Is there a brand you prefer? I've heard people mention canned coconut milk. Also, does this keep you full for a while?

    much appreciation!

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