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View Poll Results: How many times a week do you eat steak?

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Thread: How often do you eat steak?

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    Mar 2011

    How often do you eat steak?

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    I eat good steaks quite often. usually about 3 times a week. Some say its a waste of money, I say its delicious and nutritious. How about you?

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    Dec 2010
    I've eaten steak three times since like 1995. I would love to eat it twice a week. It's not the expense that keeps me, just that I am just now getting back into eating much meat. We mostly just do chicken or turkey in our house, but honestly poultry makes me gag lately.
    I say if you want it three times a week, why not? How is it a waste of money? You're eating it and not throwing it out.

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    I also have an odd reaction to poultry now. It used to be my staple protein. Now I usually only eat it if it's in something heavily flavored like a sausage. I love steak and see nothing wrong with eating it fairly often. I do try to get a variety, though.

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    I am trying for grass fed most of the time and I just won't lay out the $20/lb, I go for the ground beef. If I splurge it's usually on fish.
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    I use to only eat steak at steakhouses. About a year ago (also when I first found PB), my hubby and I started learning to cook really great steaks at home. We ordered some nice steaks in bulk on the internet a couple of times (go Groupons! - Kansas City, Omaha, Chicago steaks, etc) , then instituted "Friday Night Steak Night" because we had all these individually-frozen top-notch steaks (the Prime sirloin we ordered from Kansas City Steaks were the best I've ever tasted in my life). Oh joy, such a wonderful habit. And it stuck. We loooove cooking steak at home now. It's demystified! We still screw up sometimes though, LOL.

    Now that I'm 100% Primal, we've started eating steaks more often, average would be 1.5x/week (I voted 2). This includes flank, skirt, and flat iron steaks as "steak," though rib-eyes are our preferred cut and we also have sirloin and filet. I also have access to grass-fed chuck stew meat and grass-fed ground beef, which I am not including.

    Unfortunately, most of my steaks are not grass-finished. Yet.
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    As often as I am able.

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    I just donated blood today and am thinking about rewarding myself with a good steakhouse dinner.

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    Nov 2010
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    steak is too expensive for me to get the good stuff. Its usually cheaper cuts of pork/turkey/chicken for me. Along with some canned salmon for variety

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    Oct 2010
    Tucson, Arizona
    Probably 5 days a week. I have easy access to affordable, yummy local grass-fed/finished. It's my main protein source these days, balanced with liver and gelatin.

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    I buy organic, local 100% grass-fed ribeyes ($16.99 a pound), porterhouses ($22.99 a pound) and rib steaks ($15.99 a pound), but I just can't afford it frequently (once a week I buy one of those). If I had the money, I would be eating those steaks everyday! Love them! There is nothing like sitting down in a dinner table with a big, juicy, well-marbled, nicely seared, grassfed ribeye (with butter on top)!

    I am getting very exciting now...........

    I buy organic, local 100% grass-fed chuck Steaks ($8.99) often though. They are cheap compare to other steaks. I usually pan-seared them to medium rare (it will be too tough doing it rare). They are not as tender as ribeyes (obviously), but they are not too tough either (if taken beyond rare).
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