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    Aside from bone broth, good liquid protein sources?

    I have two friends who cannot digest solid food, and they are looking for advice about getting more protein in their diet. Both are lactose intolerant and one also cannot tolerate soy. I'm advising them to simmer bone broth until it's like gelatin, but I'd love more ideas. One of these friends is pureeing ground turkey with broth in a blender which sounds gross but her muscles are deteriorating from lack of protein.
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    Have them eat regular food/diet thats been pureed in a blender.

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    Eggs in a smoothie? I do this when I don't want to use whey protein powder (I'm sure you've considered that as a source). If they have health problems then maybe buying pasteurized eggs would be a good idea, but I don't use them. The basic formula of my smoothies are frozen fruit, avocado, eggs or protein powder, spinach, and almond milk. There are tons of variations that can be made with that base. I'm working on a pineapple-mango-coconut smoothie recipe right now that I will post to my blog in a few days. Good luck.
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    Usually lactose intolerant people have no problem with whey. Mark recommends getting whey isolate , as opposed to whey concentrate, because it is more pure and less likely to irritate. I second RY's suggestion about liquid eggs. They make a smoothie delightfully frothy. If whey is even too much, some eggs in coconut milk could be an option. A little vanilla and cinnamon, yum.

    Also there are two other good alternative milks available. Almond and hemp. Both delicious.

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    Whey powder and eggs seem like good ways to go.

    Barring that, there's always the bass-o-matic.

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