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Thread: potassium vs. sodium

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    potassium vs. sodium

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    Is anyone here able to reach a healthy potassium intake? it's recommended that we eat a ratio of potassium to sodium which is 5:1, and when i was tracking food intake, my ratio was closer to 1:1. i eat processed meats (bacon and natural lunch meat) once or twice per week, the rest of my food is unprocessed, and i never actually input how much salt i put on my food (unrefined celtic gray sea salt, and very little of it). without eating 30 bananas a day, how can i get enough potassium? if you actually track your food intake, do you get "enough" potassium?
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    No, I don't get enough, and I have not figured out how to. You can't supplement potassium in large enough doses to make up for the deficit, so that makes it more difficult. I'll be interested in seeing others' ideas on this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saoirse View Post
    ... if you actually track your food intake, do you get "enough" potassium?
    Just about.

    This is relying on fitday's numbers. I find the amount in my food doesn't tend to hit the RDA unless I'm eating approaching 20% carbohydrate, which is a fair amount of veg and fruit. Often I'd be a little less than that; sometimes around 15%. I think about 5 servings of vegetables and about 2 of fruit would generally supply "enough" potassium. I might have a few spears of asparagus and a piece of fruit with my breakfast, a large salad (probably equivalent to a couple of servings of veg) and another serving of fruit for lunch, and then a couple of portions of veg with dinner. That would probably hit the target for potassium.

    I do use a little Celtic seasalt like you. Whether that would mean I could do with a little more potassium ...


    I think I recall Sally Fallon saying in the book Nourishing Traditions that Bieler Broth is high in potassium. Might be worth googling up the recipe if you want to be sure you're getting enough.
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