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    Marked weight gain after a cheat day?

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    I had a cheat day on Saturday for my friend's graduation party. It was my first "free-for-all" cheat day ever, and I rationalized it by saying that maybe some carbs/sugar would convince my body it doesn't need to hold onto the last bit of body fat I have, but I'm a little concerned with what happened...

    I was 181 lbs on Saturday before the party. Today I weighed in at 186 (same time of day as Saturday's weigh in, same period of time fasting.) I ate a lot of cake/cookies/chips/bread and drank quite a few beers throughout Saturday, but I can't believe it would result in that drastic of a weight gain. Sunday morning I went back to my normal Primal, 8/16 IF routine and Crossfit style workouts.

    Is this just water weight? Or am I really that sensitive to insulin spikes at this point in my life?

    Has anyone else experienced something like this with cheat days?
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    that's water weight. keep fasting and eating a good low carb primal diet, and i wouldn't be surprised if you dropped down below 180 by the end of the week. water binds to all of those carbs that you ate...but they also made your leptin levels spike for a while, so your body is going to be burning extra fat for a couple of days.

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    Your body won't pack on 5 pounds of fat in a day. It's mostly water weight, and a return to your regular primal lifestyle should see you back to normal in a couple of days.
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    Mostly water. One pound of fat is about 3500 calories of "stored food". You did NOT consume and store 3500 x 5 = 17500 calories in one day! Yes, I know that not all calories are created equal, but regardless: you don't gain five pounds of fat in a day!

    That said, a cheat day can hit you several ways: the mass of food you ate being the least of them. Wheat is inflammatory, at least for some people. Inflammation == fluid build-up == water weight. Likewise, salt will cause you to retain lots of water as your body fights to maintain its electrolyte balance.

    I had a high salt day recently and jumped 3.5 pounds in 24 hours. It vanishes within 48 hours.
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    I had a similar occurrence a couple weeks back. On the way home from our small cabin, we stopped at Chills for lunch since we had a gift card from my wife's office. We did pretty well all things considered, but did each have a margarita with salted rim.
    Well, I tipped the scale up a solid 5 lbs from 48 hours earlier. That weight dissipated over the course of a couple days, but it was an eye-opener for sure.

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    KMC, I was experimenting with the 4 Hour Body recommendation of a weekly cheat day. I experienced similar weight gain for 3-4 days after my binge. It will go away.

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    Unless you're me, in which case it'll go away...but you'll be back to square one. Heh.

    I agree. Water weight.

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    I definitely gain after my cheat days. That said, I've noticed a delayed effect where I don't feel the gain until 2 or 3 days later. That's got me scratching my head.

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    That's all water weight. Saturday morning, I was 136. Sunday afternoon, I was 142. That's what happens when you have a carb-up. The funny thing is, in a week, you'll drop all the weight and then some. I haven't seen the 130's since I was in my early years of high school, and only through heavy carb-ups was I able to fall from 145 to 136.
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    Yeah I gained two pounds on the scale after 36 hours of indulging more than I wanted. I doubt I really gained that much. You could do what I do and punch a heavy bag for an hour, that helps emotionally at least But the weight will go away faster than when you first lost it.

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