^ Of course you can do HIT with dumbbells ... it's just more difficult and ultimately more dangerous. Of course doing dumbbell bench presses isn't exactly high risk - I'm just saying that using machines would be even safer, and there are many studies that show that they're just as effective for the targeted muscles. It also all depends on which exercise we're talking about, and how strong you are. If you can do just about 10 chin-ups until you reach positive failure, I would recommend the chin-ups over a lat pull machine any time.

BTW: Today I'll hit the gym and try German Volume Training - the new issue of Men's Fitness has an article on it, with Charles Poliquin supporting it. I'll try to do 10x10 plyo push-ups and 10x10 Kinesis (machine) lat pulls at 45 degrees angle - which is not HIT in any way, but next week I'll probably do HIT again. My advice, as posted in other threads: Do HIT occasionally and do exercises with more volume and less intensity in between.