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Thread: Alchohol burn off

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    My dad is desparately trying to eat more primal foods.

    He's kind of ruining our thanksgiving. I bough an expensive ass pork loin (free roaming, grass fed, no antibiotics, etc.). He's letting it soak in bar-be-cue sauce with HFCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@#!@#!@$!#$!@#!@#!@ what a waste.

    I confronted him and he said "oh yeah it's gonna burn off, just like cooking with alchohol"

    F!@$^% ME!!

    I should have just bought a corn fed factory farmed pork loin. Is there any truth to this. I heard it was a myth that the alchohol just burns away, let alone HFCS.

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    The alcohol does burn, as it's catching-fire-point is something like 70 degrees C

    As for the hfcs, sorry :/

    So this time the hfcs isn't going to kill anyone, but i doesn't just burn off. In fact, no sugar does - it caramelises, then just burns!

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    Aw *hugs* don't let it ruin thanksgiving. It's still gonna be better than a regular pork loin soaked in hfcs!

    Maybe you could cut the outside off if you're really worried, just eat the part without sauce?

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    Oh man! I would cry. (My ds is corn sensitive so I'm really a stickler about *any* corn syrup.) Maybe next year you might do the cooking w/ him?? Or give him a homemade BBQ sauce to use for marinade?? Check out this delicious recipe:

    That's a tough situation!

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