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    Shoulder Joint Health - I need some help

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    My right shoulder and right knee have been 'bad' since my childhood and through high school. I have attributed this to soccer and cricket and both joints crunch and crack as if there is gravel in them. I don't normally have any pain associated and things like push ups, pull ups, squats and lunges are fine. I live by the idea that if you have this sort of joint issue, the best thing you can do is to build up the surrounding muscle tissue. I have done that to some extent, particularly in my legs and while my knee still creaks, I have no problems with back squatting bodyweight.
    HOWEVER... over the last two weeks, after seeign some photos of myself, I have been trying to improve my posture. I sit at a desk all day, and play computer games regularly and I have developed a bad habit of slouching and having my neck craned forwards. To remedy this I have been consciously trying to stick my chest out a bit, pull my shoulders back and together, tighten my abs and try to stand tall. Now, my shoulders are in unbelievable discomfort on the verge of pain. If I stretch them forwards or slouch, the pain goes away, the second I retract them, it returns. If I wake up in the night on my side, my neck is craned forward, shoulders hunched over in the pheotal position.

    Please somebody give me some advice!

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    Since I can't see you and I'm not an expert anyway, I would suggest finding an expert who can see you. In my case I have a truly awesome orthopedist (these are, unfortunately, rare) and masseur. Since I can't really recommend orthopedists as a group, I think a masseur or other type of body worker might be the way to go. I first saw my masseur when I just couldn't recover from a half-marathon and it had been 8 weeks and I didn't know what else to do. He fixed me in one session.

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    MobilityWOD Kelley Starrett is da bomb. Search on shoulder mobility and you'll find loads of things you can do to improve yours. I'd think the pain is from you attempting to use muscles you haven't and therefore stretch muscles that have been trained to be short and inflexible. It's a slow process, but it makes a HUGE difference!

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    Yup. If you have been slumping for a long time, your body isn't going to like all this new right posture crap. Just stick with it and be gentle.

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    Check out (WFS) Kstarr has many many post about thorasic spine and shoulder mobility. Not to mention tips on mobilizing every joint you own. Seriously go there.
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    Definitely Mobility WOD.

    As for shoulder prehab/rehab, check out the diesel crew. Diesel Crew – Muscle Building, Athletic Development, Strength Training, Grip Strength scroll down the page, and there are videos to choose from on the right. I believe there is a knee rehab video somewhere in there too

    Here is the shoulder video: YouTube - ‪ - Shoulder Rehab Protocol‬‏

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    I've had posture problems from slouching, and overworking my chest. I've started doing Convict Conditioning, which works my back and shoulders pretty well, and I'm starting to see improvements after only a couple of months. The noticeable imbalance between my left and right trapezius muscles is going away too (the left one has gotten quite a bit bigger already, and is almost matching the right). I'm trying to get my wife on that same thing, as she has the same problem.

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    Another guy you should check out is Gray Cook. Just Google his name and you'll find his website. He's got a wealth of mobility knowledge and he keeps one foot in both physical therapy and strength & conditioning.

    I also have a shoulder issue, but mine is due to an impingement in my rotator cuff. I can't speak for knees, but I know most shoulder issues are due to lack of flexibility that prevents the scapula from moving in their proper range of motion.
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