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Thread: going to bjj class with poison ivy?

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    going to bjj class with poison ivy?

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    (posted this on another board but class is soon, need to decide if I should go or not)

    I got one itchy poison ivy patch on my wrist. I can probably cover it up with cloth and a band-aid, but it feels weird having to hide something and I freak out when someone grabs my wrist that their gonna rip off the band-aid and freak out. Its kinda gross looking.

    I went once before with it and had a hard time keeping the bandaid i relaize that was probably pretty stupid after reading about staph infection...

    so should I just wait till it clears up? or cover it as best I can and go?

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    wait until it clears up. that's not fair to the guys you'll be rolling with.

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    Yeah I have a feeling you would really regret it. I would as the other poster suggested wait until it clears up. Hope it clear up soon hate that mess. If only primal/paleo eating prevented us from reacting to the oils.

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    Wait until it clears up.

    To hasten the clearing, I recommend Zanfel. It's an over the counter soap you apply once and the reaction heals within a day or two.

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    The liquid in the blisters is contagious to other people (and can spread around your own body). Don't do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jfreaksho View Post
    The liquid in the blisters is contagious to other people (and can spread around your own body). Don't do it.
    Sorry, but you are 100% INCORRECT. the liquid is your immune response (lymphatic fluid) and nobody can possible get poison oak/ivy from the discharge. Once you wash the Urisol oil off yourself, you are no longer contagious to anyone.

    X2 on the Zanfil reccomendation. Be prepared for sticker shock, it costs about $40 for a tiny little tube (worth every penny).

    Also, if you go into it often try Ivy Block (preventitive). It works pretty well

    I have been adventure racing and XC orienteering for about 10 years and we live in a part of Northern California where poinson oak is pretty much everywhere. I'm on my 4th case this year and have to go the the doctor pretty much every time i get it now for a prednisone Rx.

    Learn the facts here:

    Ivy block - Myths About Poison Ivy


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    heh heh heh.

    I hate BJJ I say you go in.

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