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Thread: Chick-arron (not Chicharron)

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    Chick-arron (not Chicharron)

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    Here's the results of an experiment I tried yesterday:

    You probably have hear of Chicharron, the fried pork skin. Heavenly.
    Well, yesterday while making a chicken soup I had an idea. The family doesn't like pieces of chicken skin floating around in their soup, so after initially cooking the chicken whole I removed the skin when breaking it up into smaller pieces for final simmering. I put the skin on a cookie sheet and put it under the broiler. Just long enough to get slightly crispy. Then a little garlic salt to finish it off. Yum! And I had some rendered chicken fat to mix back into the soup. Win-win.

    I call it Chickarron.

    - Kevin

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    The Yiddish word for the cracklings - including the bits of crisp chicken skin - left after making schmaltz (rendered chicken fat) is gribbenitz.
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    The other night, my mom made barbecue chicken - with just salt and pepper. She doesn't eat skin and left a big ol' pile of bbq'd thigh skins in a pan. I swooped in and munched 'em up. I just laughed at my mom's cringe. lol

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