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Thread: Primal and Type 1

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    Primal and Type 1

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    I've noticed a few posts from Type 1 diabetics, but not too many. I've visited this site several times, but only just joined, in a serious attempt to try this lifestyle. My hang-up is that I manage my diabetes with shots, which is quite a bit less accurate than if I had a pump (I'm a poor student and don't have good insurance... diagnosed in 2004). What that means is that I keep juice boxes around, and I exercise with jelly beans to avoid hypoglycemia. I'm concerned about being successful with the primal blueprint if three or four times a week I have to rely on quick sugars to boost my glucose levels. Thoughts/advice from type 1 members?

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    Get the book "Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution". He himself is a type 1. And the oldest living type 1 to boot.
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