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Thread: How many of the ladies here IF?

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    How many of the ladies here IF?

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    Based on observations it seems to be something a lot of the men here do and a few ladies. I'm just curious to see how many ladies IF and do it on a regular basis? How long do you fast for?

    I've done 24-26 hour fasts three times in the last two weeks and I find it fairly easy to do.
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    I do, infrequently, until I get hungry basically. Most of the time I'll fast simply because I can't be bothered to make something to eat in the mornings.
    So in answer to your question, probably around 3-4 times a week for about 17+ hours.
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    I'm about the same as PixieKitten. A lot of the time I'm just not hungry when I get up and I like to workout fasted. Between my dogs and whatnot, most of the time I can't get my workout in until 9:30-10:00am or so. By that point, it doesn't make much sense to me to eat. I just wait until lunch. But it all depends. Before I started PB though if I didn't eat breakfast someone was going to die. Now, I just eat bacon and eggs (and steak, yummm) for lunch!

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    I fast from 7pm to 11am most days. Then I eat at 11, 3, and 6--very helpful pattern for me.

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    I have an eating window of 6-8 hours. Generally, I don't start eating until noon and then I have 1 or 2 meals. I flex my start time, depending on my schedule/activities.

    It took me a few weeks to realize that most of my hunger signals were from ghrelin surges and I wasn't really "hungry" for food, just hungry out of habit. Johnny writes about it here:You Will Be Hungry | The Lean Saloon

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    About 16 hours most days.

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    This is me too - most days I'll eat dinner around 8 - 9 at night, then not eat anything again until 2-3 the next day because that's when I finally decide I'm hungry and have the motivation to actually do something about fixing food for myself.

    Quote Originally Posted by PixieKitten View Post
    Most of the time I'll fast simply because I can't be bothered to make something to eat in the mornings.
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    I eat at 12pm-1pm and 6pm-7pm, ideally with no snacking but it tends to happen. This pattern makes me feel really good. I'd like to do some 24 hour fasts but I am surrounded by snack food at all hours of the day so if I don't eat a meal earlier on I'll just start shoveling those down.

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    I fast once a week from 6pm Thursday nights to 6pm on Friday then I have a resonable dinner. It has helped with weight loss.

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    I drink coffee with cream in the morning ... then eat lunch and dinner. On the weekends I will eat a late breakfast and early dinner and then fast from 4ish until the next day (not every weekend, though... just depends on how I feel).

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