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Thread: Been lurking awhile

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    Been lurking awhile

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    Not sure if I want to say hi; I'm feeling a bit timid. I've seen people get attacked on this forum for silly-assed reasons. I don't want to open myself up to that. I get the feeling that if anyone attacks me for my opinions, I'll judge that this place isn't worth the hassle of posting. But I do have questions it would be nice for a little outside input on, so here I go.

    Will it be worth the hassle? Let's see, I suppose.
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    Hi Santus,
    Now you have made me nervous as I just started to today! I have been reading and posting to the blog on this site for at least two years, but never went into the forum...I figured it was time to stop being a lurker! LOL
    Good luck with the Forum!

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    There's lots of nice people here, and a couple of asses. Ignore the asses, hang out with the nice people.
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    I don't think I'm an ass. Or, at least I haven't been one so far today
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