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Thread: Meatless Paleo/Primal meals?

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    Meatless Paleo/Primal meals?

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    When you just don't have any meat on hand, or you don't have time to thaw any, what do you eat?

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    Whoever is the closest. There must be meat.

    But, if I am in a hurry I will eat greek yogurt with berries or about 6oz of cheese to stave off hunger until I can get meat.
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    I feel no need or desire to have meat at every meal. Grok and Grokina sure didn't. I always make sure there is meat on hand for dinner. But assuming that I ran out, particularly now that summer has arrived, I would have salad. (I typically do not have salad for lunch.) It probably would have some cheese or beans (yeah, yeah, I know).
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    If I don't have any meat thawed out or fresh in the refrigerator then I'll go with canned fish or homemade jerky. I don't feel like I've eaten unless I've had meat with a meal.

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    Cheeeese! Or fish.
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    Eggs. Eggs and veggies. Eggs and cheese. Veggies sauteed in butter or CO. An entire bowl of guacamole. Any combination of those things make a great meal.

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    Make a primal pizza half grated gouda, half grated cauliflower, eggs, some flax meal and some coconot meal. Salsa as sauce, chopped vegetables as topping!

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    Raw chèvre is my go-to. Add a few almonds, a glass of coconut water, and a piece of extra dark chocolate.
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    Almonds, or hard boiled eggs. if I have time to cook I may make a fritatta.
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    Eggs, tuna, avocado, cottage cheese, berries & coconut milk, Rivvin's bread, more eggs, bacon, mixed nuts.
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