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Thread: Forks over Knives...

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    Question Forks over Knives...

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    Appears to be a national (US) if not world-wide push to drop animal based diets for health and money reasons.

    YouTube - ‪Forks Over Knives - Official Trailer‬‏

    After all that I have read, learnt and experienced I can't help feeling like this is a politically motivated action that is once again attempting to scare people into believing something that is simply not true.

    I agree that being overweight and all the medical issues associated with being fat is a major problem however I would think that spending the ridiculous amount of money that is going into this would be better spent 'cleaning up' the food we eat.

    I am interesting in your thoughts and comments...


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    This "documentary" is also being pushed heavily on weight related sites such as SparkPeople where I go to do my calorie tracking. Just think how harmful that could be to people trying to find their way being directed toward this idiocy.

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