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Thread: AbstractPersona's primal life!

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    Red face AbstractPersona's primal life!

    List of health improvements on the second post

    I was sick for half a decade, and I kept trying, and trying to make my diet healthier. Low fat SAD. After a year of being particularly strict with my diet, because of gallbladder issues (or rather, having gallbladder issues because I ate very low-fat SAD), it finally got so bad I couldn't eat more than a small 6 ounce meal per-day, and I couldn't stomach more than 4oz of water, yes, per-day! Even so I'd still get sick and vomit bile, bile, and more bile, every night, all night long until sunrise, until I finally passed out from exhaustion, woke up mid-afternoon, tried to eat a tiny meal to get my strength back, and started vomiting again. My stomach and esophagus felt like hard plastic because it was so irritated all the time.

    Mid April I had to go to the ER because it was even worse than usual, I hadn't slept at all for a few days because of the pain. The medical staff wanted to remove my gallbladder right there and then, but they said I couldn't have surgery because my hyper-thyroid (grave's disease) was so out of control, surgery would be too dangerous.
    I was in the ER from morning until late at night, and after rest and medication, my heart rate and only decreased to 180 bpm. And the only food they gave me, as I left? Cheerios, in almond milk, to avoid that dratted cholesterol in fat-free milk

    My mother-in-law bought me some groceries. (I have no family nearby, and the boyfriend was out of state.) She read some alternative medicine books which said I should eat low fat and mostly vegetables. Unfortunately, that's what I'd already been doing for years. But anyway, she stocked my fridge with lots of vegetables, which was nice since I'd been housebound and unable to go grocery-shopping, but I kept telling her it was a waste of money because I wouldn't be able to eat them (vomiting).

    The next day, my own mother visited me. By surprise. She had no idea I was sick or that I'd been in the emergency room the day before, I was hiding it from my family for years. I didn't want my family to know how I was, I thought being sick meant I was lazy, good for nothing, worthless, and I didn't want them to be ashamed of me.
    My mom had brought lots of good food from back home: dried cod fish, pulled pork with lots of lard that rose to the top, butter and cheese.... I felt so bad that she brought two suitcases full of that, and I wouldn't be able to eat any of it!

    But she said: "This is healthy food, there's no reason you can't eat it! People back home are much healthier and they eat this stuff all the time!".
    She's really stubborn, so she made me eat it.

    Luckily, I didn't have any grain products in the house anymore, since I'd ran out. And with my mom's butter and lard, we didn't use vegetable oils.

    With the vegetables my mother in law bought, and the meats and fats my mom brought, turns out I'd accidentally started eating Primal!

    Well, I started feeling better immediately. The two or three weeks my mom was here, I never vomited or felt pain. I started smiling and giggling instead of being depressed.
    I was impressed, and though scared it would backfire and make me worse, I decided to stick with it. But I did some research, completely befuddled about how I could be getting better even though I was eating lots of fat and cholesterol. Eventually I came across some web pages that suggested a Paleo diet for gallbladder problems. I scoffed, rolled my eyes and called it a fad. Paleo this, Paleo that, and worse, this Primal forum, with ads selling diet supplements. No wonder I was suspicious of it being a fad.

    But I kept coming back to those pages and reading more into it, and after a while, I had to admit it made sense. And I had been eating that way, and I was feeling a lot better than I had in half a decade! Eventually I felt more brave, more adventurous, and kept increasing my fat consumption even more... and now I eat about 70% of calories from cholesterol and saturated fat.

    So no gallbladder surgery for me, thank you very much.
    And no thanks to having my thyroid removed with surgery, or killed with radiation.
    After all, my hyper-thyroid my symptoms were gone after a few days of Paleo. And after being put on such a strong dose of methimazole that I started having HYPO-thyroid symptoms instead, I'm only more reassured going from hyperthyroid to hypothyroid is not a good idea. I'm doing my own research, my own blood tests, interpreting results on my own, and adjusting my dose myself.
    Once I reduced the methimazole drug (from 40mg to 5mg), the hypo-thyroid symptoms went away, and the hyper-thyroid sympoms didn't come back.

    I'm really lucky, I got to keep my gallbladder and my thyroid! I would feel so cheated if I had them removed, and found out about Paleo later on.
    I bet these idiots would also try to remove my heart if they could get away with it! They're useless!
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