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Thread: Looking for expert advice

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    Looking for expert advice

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    Nine days into Primal living..
    I feel incredible however I do have bouts of feeling really tired.
    I've researched this, understand and know it will pass

    One other thing that I'm wondering about though is feeling hungry ALOT!
    I've researched this as well but starting to realize it's different for everyone.

    Here's what I have eaten today so far...(between 4am and noon)

    Whey protein shake with a cup of blueberries and a Tbsp of flax seed and a cup of coffee with a smidge of Truvia

    Two eggs/canadian bacon/half an apple/handful of almonds and green tea

    A small avacado with steak and broccoli

    I really do feel incredibly good... I feel nicer too. I know that's a funny thing to say but it's so true!

    Looking forward to any and all input and advice!

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    The body takes time to shift your metabolism and re-nourish itself. Be patient. Eat when hungry for now--it will pass.

    Drop the shake & stevia--try to eat all whole foods, if possible.

    My rule is PROTEIN FIRST!
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    I agree with Dragonfly, protein first! And then fat is always good, too.

    I just recently broke through my "so hungry all the time and I want to put everything in the kitchen in my mouth" phase. What got me through it was eating whenever I wanted, whatever I wanted (as long as it was Primal). I ate quite a bit of coconut butter....oh god, coconut butter. Mmm.
    Anyway, my insatiable hunger passed, and yours will too, just try and relax about it. My hunger levels are back to normal, actually, they're a lot lower than they used to be.

    It just takes patience, and knowing that your body is changing itself for the better!

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    I just ordered coconut butter!
    Cannot wait to try it now...

    I may not 100% understand protein first because I feel like I'm doing that.
    I eat a ton of protein (comes with a ton of fat) and vegetables.

    Thank you both for the comments!!

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