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Thread: me in BC - starting excercise today

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    me in BC - starting excercise today

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    Hi all

    I have been loosely following PB for about a month ... by loosely I mean i like tequila and beer Otherwise I am eating fairly well and feel good about the way i am going about incorporating this into my life. I was first inspired by Taubes - cut out all grains after that. Now I am learning more and loving it.

    I didn't do much exercise (other than walking gardening and yoga) because I wanted my body to adjust to the diet shift I am ready to start back w/ some weights and yoga today

    BTW I have lost 10 lbs doing what feels like very little - yippee!!

    My other new exciting thing is the awareness of IF - that totally shifted my whole awareness about my body and i fully believe has inspired so much emotional growth as well. I just "GOT IT" that being hungry is just a sensation and i know i will be filled again so i can let go of the attachment to worrying about getting hungry and crashing. Don't know if i can explain it well - but excited nonetheless.

    So - HI ALL - looking forward to ongoing inspiration <3

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    Congrats and welcome!

    (BTW, LOVE the quote in your signature!!!)

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