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    Well, I don't mean a literal body, of course, but maybe I do. I was wondering, since we're trying to replicate the way Grok lived day-to-day, if that form of primal exercise has ever been looked at... dragging heavy objects in the way he might have had to drag a moose or an elk long distances.

    One way to accomplish it would be putting your kids, wife, friends (or any combination thereof) on a big tarp and rigging a harness to drag them around the back yard. It seems quite a few large muscle groups would come into play.

    If you're holed up in your home gym over the winter, maybe accomplishing something more isometric with a rope and an innertube from a truck?

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    chazglen are you training for something?.......something illegal?........ inquiring minds want to know?

    It's grandma, but you can call me sir.

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    Yea i think dragging anything heavy would count as compound, total body strength training. I have a friend that just joined the police academy, and in order to qualify for the school he had to drag a 150lb body as part of an obstacle course.

    Theres some pretty good workouts on youtube involving "sleds," which are pretty much what they sound like, stacked with weights and connected to a long rope. Ive been meaning to make one but i dont exactly have the space/time to use one right now. But they do look like an awesome workout.

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    Ironically enough, one segment of my Sheriff's Dept Physical Agilty Test dealt with just such a scenario.

    We had to pick up a human-sized, human-weight dummy

    (of course it was totally floppy)and drag it a certain distance. It's amazing how many people couldn't do it, despite the fact they were way bigger and stronger than I am.

    I think the point of this was, that you might have to pick up and drag an unconscious person to safety...but it goes without saying that this is a good skill to acquire ;-)

    I like the way you think!

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    I'm looking forward to getting Grokked out this weekend, and actually get to drag a body- a deer body. You really can't get any more primal. Ok, I could if I chased the thing down with a spear, but that's not happening this week. :P

    I have a 50 lb bag of rat food that I drag around my apartment sometimes. Still haven't made that sandbag for outside. *sigh*

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    Get a sled, put some weight on it, use a rope and attach it to yourself and pull it THAT is a workout (especially for those times when you need to drag a body).

    You could also try filling a canvas bag with heavy bags of sand, hunching it over your back and carrying it for distance.

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    The British SAS have these drills where they carry each other during training to simulate carrying an injured or dead commando. The SAS code is that you're not supposed to leave a body of a comrade on the battlefield because it will give the enemy too much intelligence on who you are, what your troop strength is, etc. There's also an honor code in the U.S. Marines and I believe Army Rangers where you're not to leave your dead behind for the enemy to desecrate.

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    This can be replicated at the gym with a cable machine, I often match this up with cable sprints. Make sure your in proper shape for the exercise before you perform it, as it is tough on the joints, especially when many people have not done the motion in a long time.

    The freemotion cable machine can be used to attach the rope attachment with two spots to put your hands on. Put it at a relatively higher weight since your just pulling. Start walking backwards wile pulling until the limit of the cable is reached, in a controlled manner bring the cable back to the start and repeat.

    On the same freemotion cable machine, you can simply adjust the cables so the two handles of the cables are under your armpits around your chest, held by your hands. Start with the weight somewhere low (25), and sprint, jump, or lunge forward in an explosive motion. You can get creative with this and make your own rep/set scheme.

    This superset really works your entire body, the pushing in the sprints works the chest,quads,calfs the pulling works the back, hamstrings, glutes. Make it fun and be creative!

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