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    So if you haven't read it yet, you should probably take a look at it before posting here, just to get the gist of what im saying.

    Many people who have been on the forums for a while and even just joining are very passionate about this lifestyle because of the benefits and because of how much we have improved our own lives, and others. The problem arises when because of our experience, we get cocky and maybe ignorant of other beliefs and philosiphies. I definitely am at part blame for this.

    The fact is we can only learn by challenging our own beliefs and other beliefs. So when someone does post something we don't believe, as dumb as it may sound to us, we should listen and ask for evidence. We should also remember that every single one of us is different, and that what works for one of us, may not work for someone else.

    On top of that, there are so many newcomers joining everyday, and I think they might get turned away when they join in on a heated discussion that has taken a not so primal turn.

    Let's just remember, that new-comers should be paying attention to the foundation and basics of the PB. We shouldn't be pushing IF or carnivore,ketosis or any other situation that is really only for the more experienced people unless you truly believe it can help them.

    We are all ambassadors for the primal lifestyle, so we should definitely act like one. And what we post, has an influence on whoever reads it, so maybe we should keep that in mind when we do talk. I know I'll be making a change, and hopefully Mark's post helps us all make a change for the better.

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    I used to be the poster child for CW, I thought I knew it all. Then I went Paleo, and thought I knew it all. Now I'm Primal, but I've learned a little humility. As science learns more about how the human body works, a lot of what we think we know now will be proven wrong.

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    I am always taken aback by how strident those who don't believe in alternative therapies are, and how angry they get. You have no skin in my game. What is it to you if I chose to treat my cancer (or toenail fungus, for that matter) via nontoxic methods?

    Since coming here, I've been stuck by how so many of the people here seem to be in lockstep with CW in every way *except* for the PB. This has surprised me to see this.

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    Well said ASN.

    Ditto mseibel

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    go-ginger-go, I found the same thing. However, I have the same problem in the real world as well. It was really funny when I visited my parents this weekend. They still have things that have high fructose syrup (alas, I still have a couple of things left...but I find it difficult to just THROW something away. Guess I'll just let my husband finish them off :-D) I was appalled that they still drink soda. Just goes to show how much I've changed. Just goes to show how much the world has stayed the same. (Although they had organic agave, which I used instead of the syrup they had. I was cringing when they said we were going to have waffles for breakfast. At least there were three fatty pieces of bacon.)

    I think patience is key while we change our lifestyle. With the amount of people who are switching to PB, they will probably find that other CW ways are not as effective. Or they are effective but the benefits do not outweigh the risks. Patience is the key in waiting for others to change in anything, whether it is right or wrong.

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    Thanks for posting this thread ASN. Part of what attracted me to Mark's blog is his good natured writing and the fact that he has clearly maintained an open mind. I have been into nutrition and fitness all my life. Some people have absolutely no clue and some are coming from really different diet backgrounds. No one would be here if they weren't experimenting and trying to better their diet so essentially, we are all on the same page.

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