Tomorrow I have a 1 hr call-in appointment with my Thyroid/Hormone doc that I have been seeing since 2007. I've mentioned the office several times on here. It's the Holtorf Med center in Torrance, a leading thyroid/hormone doc. They are very Primal friendly, do a lot of tests, recommend a lot of good supplements, and steer you away from big pharma and toward healthy living.

The stuff I have been posting here about reverse T3 and melatonin and thyroid stuff I learned from them.

I'm planning on making some time to get my doc's opinion on some Primal topics, like IF, leptin, and see how well Primal fits in with their diet recommendations, and what they think about Dr K's thyroid protocalls. When I started, they said to South Beach, which is VLC and I think a bit more on the protein and less on the fat.

Anyone have anything else I need to be asking?