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Thread: What's your sprinting routine?

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    What's your sprinting routine?

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    Long Version: So I just had my first "sprinting" day today. It was the last thing on the PB I had yet to incorporate into my life except "play". I was a little unsure on how to go about a "sprinting" routine, so I walked to a nearby street in my neighborhood that's about 350 yards long. I placed a water bottle at both ends and sprinted back and forth from both ends of the street five times, with two minute rests between each set. The only thing is, I generally had to take a break during each set. I would stop sprinting and walk for about fifteen to thirty seconds and then continue. It would take about a 1:20 seconds in the beginning, but the last ones were taking about 2-2:30 seconds.

    TL;DR: My current sprinting routine is five sets of 350 yard dashes with two minute rests in between, but I can't quite manage to do each set completely.

    What are your sprinting routines? I wan't to find one I can manage. Or is this one OK even though I can't do them all the way? I mean, my legs are definitely worn out from the work out, so that's a good thing.

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    I just started sprinting regularly over this past month. I do mine on a treadmill. I start out walking for about 5 minutes to warm up, and always have an incline of at least 2%. I then put it up to 7 for 1 min, then back to 4 for 1 min, then up to 7.5, then back to 4. I do this in .5 mph increments till I hit 10.5. By that point, it's been almost 20 minutes, and close to 2 miles. I am spent by then. I know the treadmill is not primal, but I like the idea that the treadmill forces me to maintain a certain speed. It's a little easier on the joints too.

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    The road I live on is a pretty steep hill. I go to the flattest part and sprint two telephone pole distances. The end 20 feet or so are pretty uphill, so it's super tough at the end. Then I turn around, walk back to the beginning to get my heart rate back down and repeat for a total of 6 sprints. The walk to my sprinting area, the sprints and the walk back to the house takes about 17 minutes. I also wear a heart rate monitor so I can keep track. My heart rate gets really high when I workout, it always has. It gets to about 183 bpm during the spint and back down to about 135 on the walk back to the beginning. I definitely feel it in my legs but also in my arms from propelling myself during my sprint.

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    Skimboarding on the weekends. Sun, sand, is rough...heheheh...

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    Mine is either tabata sprints or longer sprints which consist of 30 seconds sprinting and then 1.5 minutes at a rest pace. I currently do about 6 intervals but hope to get up to 8 pretty soon!

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    I sprint across the road so the cars don't hit me.
    In all of the universe there is only one person with your exact charateristics. Just like there is only one person with everybody else's characteristics. Effectively, your uniqueness makes you pretty average.

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    You should probably know...
    In all of the universe there is only one person with your exact charateristics. Just like there is only one person with everybody else's characteristics. Effectively, your uniqueness makes you pretty average.

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    My HIIT routine broken down by minute:

    Minute 0-1: 6.1mph
    Minute 1-2: 6.2 mph
    Minute 2-3: 6.3 mph
    Minute 3-4: 6.5 mph
    Minute 4-5: 6.5 mph
    Minute 5-6: 11.5 mph
    Minute 6-7: 3.8 mph
    Minute 7-8: 11.7 mph
    Minute 8-9: 3.8 mph
    Minute 9-10: 11.9 mph
    Minute 10-11: 3.8 mph
    Minute 11-12: 12.1 mph
    Minute 12-13: 3.8 mph
    Minute 13-14: 12.3 mph
    Minute 14-15: 3.8 mph
    Minute 15-16: 3.8 mph
    Minute 16-17: 11.3 mph
    Minute 17-18: 3.8 mph
    Minute 18-19: 11.2 mph
    Minute 19-20: 3.8 mph
    Minute 20-21: 11.1 mph
    Minute 21-22: 3.8 mph
    Minute 22-23: 11.0 mph
    Minute 23-24: 3.8 mph
    Minute 24-25: 10.9 mph
    Minute 25-26: 6.0 mph
    Minute 26-27: 5.5 mph
    Minute 27-28: 5.0 mph
    Minute 28-29: 3.8 mph
    Minute 29-30: 3.8 mph
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    350 yard dash??? that to me sounds like a complete non-sensical comment. not many people can "dash" for 350 yards. if you can then you should consider getting ready to run in the 2012 olympics.

    maybe i am wrong on this, but my understanding of sprints is that you choose a distance which you can fully sprint at 100% effort for. fter about 100m most people will not be sprinting and will most likely just be running. if you have ever run say a 200m race where you fully sprint for the whole distance, i assure you, you can not just rest for 15 seconds and then pick yourself up and do it all over again, 5 TIMES!!!

    my usual routine is to sprint (i mean absolutely sprint, full pace, the whole nine yards) for about 50metres. i then turn around and walk back to the start (this is my rest) then turn around and do it again. do this 7 or 8 times at FULL pace and it will certainly get the old ticker pumping.

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    barefoot on grass. i usually try to find a soccer field or something just over 100 yards and i go all out for 10 runs minimum with a minute or two in between as a slowly walk back to the starting point.
    sometimes i'll throw on my vibrams and sprint through a wooded park. i like the uneven terrain, but you have to check for roots and things first.

    @chocotaco: how are you doing hiit? or, i guess, how are you recording such specific numbers? i'd love to be able to effectively track any progression i make

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