I am on day five of my primal food diet. I am really enjoying the cooking and, after much planning, I find the transition somewhat effortless. As per the instruction for the forum I must list my daily meals, exercises, and other stuff.

breakfast smoothie (blueberries, cocnut milk, whey powder, flax seed, 1oz O.J.)
turkey patty (lean ground turkey)

kale and curry chicken

paleo apple muffins (made with almond flour)

beef jerky and handful of nuts

2. fitness:
30 zumba
1/2mi walk

3.other stuff...
as a newbie, as someone who has done her homework and chosen this way of not only eating but fitness too, I'm needing some connection with others with the transition from carb diet to paleo diet... I'm on day five of my primal diet. I've been cooking and following all the rules. Today however I felt a bit out of it, like I was starving but I was eating all the right fats and protien.

I searched around the internet and found that this sensation is perhaps normal when your body shifts from carb based diet to primal foods diet. I don't like the sensation and since I am doing this by myself I wonder if its safe and what to expect. I might just have some french fries, do a little cheat if you will, so I can feel normal again. I have done my researched and planned for months to start this diet, I'm not flying blind here but is this normal!