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Thread: The middle aged thread :D

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    The middle aged thread :D

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    Any middle aged folks want to share their successes here?

    I love the success picture thread but can't help but notice that most of the successes are people in their 20's.

    I'm 41. I've been overweight as long as I can remember (I have some pictures of me as a toddler or very young child when I wasn't fat but that's it - I was fat before I hit my teens). I sometimes think maybe it's too late. Maybe I've just been too fat for too long and this is it for me.

    So I'd love to hear some inspirational stories (or see some inspirational pictures) of people who were a bit older when they had success eating this way.

    (as an aside - I feel MUCH healthier than I ever have eating this way so I'm sticking with it for that reason alone even if I never lose another pound of fat).

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    When does middle age start? I think I may be but not sure.

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    I'm 43, and yes, it's been tougher for me. I have a theory on that, though.

    I think that at 20-25, you haven't had time to REALLY do the same amount of damage to your body through your eating choices and/or stress in general. Your hormones are working at their best for the most part, so when you remove the bad stuff and eat well your body laps it up and does what it needs to.

    When you're in your forties, you've had 25-30 years to f-up the system. More things have gone awry, more of your hormone levels are whacked out, you have more nutritional deficiencies and they're more severe, and let's not get into the more stress involved in life for a longer period of time! So when you remove the toxic crap and eat well it STARTS the process of healing. But it has a lot more healing to do, and so takes a lot more time. Also, you start realizing the different deficiencies (like D or calcium/magnesium/potassium, whatever) and have to start working on those with food and supplements.

    Basically your body is slower to fix itself, has more to fix, and is working with a system that is much worse off. Throw in any health issues (either caused by this whole process or not), like thyroid disorders, diabetes, PCOS, fibromyalgia, etc... and you just have a lot more work to do.

    I've been working on this for almost five years, first with CW healthy (which actually wasn't so bad, really, but still had enough gluten to be bad for me), then fixing my thyroid/adrenal/hormonal issues, then adding in primal at about 80-85% (a year and a half ago), to adding in more movement (walking the dog, some weights, etc.), to this year being primal 95% and doing a couple of Whole 30s to remove dairy (which doesn't agree with me), and ditching alcohol for much longer stretches to give my body the fat burning advantage of not having to deal with my glasses of wine. :-)

    So slowly over that period of time, and more specifically FINALLY over the past 9 months I've seen some good progress and changes. I don't know how much I weigh ... I don't have a scale. It was somewhere around 170 during summer of last year. Since then I've dropped a pants size, and definitely can feel the loss of fat. (Well, not today I'm bloaty due to TOM, LOL).

    I thought I had a pic somewhere of me from last August, I'll try to dig it up. But here is a progress pic from a few weeks ago:

    5-11 progress..jpg
    This was at 5:30 a.m., hence the glazed sleepy no makeup look, LOL.

    I'll get a copy of the other pic and add it here so you can see the difference, particularly in my face. You can tell the loss of water weight due to cutting down on the massive inflammation I was suffering. (My CR-P was over 9, it's supposed to be under 1). Last time I measured it had dropped to somewhere around 3.5 or 4, but that was before I really got serious this year. I truly think lowering my inflammation is what finally got things moving...
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    Started this when I was 38; I'm 40 now. I've dropped over 25% of my original body weight (400) and am now 295. I feel much better at this weight, and all of my problems have been eliminated, pretty much. Diabetes? Gone. Arthritis and migraines? History. I sleep better, I think better, I do better. The weight loss was a nice touch, too.

    You can do this.
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    I am 47. I peak weight was 258lb last year, started pb and p90x at 245 in feb. I am now at 200. started 2nd round of p90x and in started 2nd week. goal is sub 180 and lot lower body fat. hopefully around 10% by end of the year.


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    I'm 60 in 7 months.

    50lb of 'portable picnic' burnt off in '08 and kept off since means I now feel 'bout 45! Defo only middle aged! Bring it on.
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    I guess by today's standards I'm still middle aged, 68. When I was growing up, that was considered old as the hills.

    I don't call myself primal - I have been some mixture of primal, archevore, etc. for about 10 months, getting increasingly strict about carbs. But I guess I am at least 80% primal. It has helped significantly.

    Still have too much abdominal fat. Working on reducing carbs more - currently under 75 g. per day. Probably needs to be 50 or less.
    Blood sugar has gone from +150 down to about 125. Needs to go lower.
    Arthritis improved.
    Allergies very much improved.
    Lots of fat loss. Hats, rings, watches, socks, etc. way looser. Maybe a couple inches off my waist.
    Hair thicker and less gray. Hair in places on my head where I was bald. Hair on my arms again.
    Much more energy.
    Sleep very well nearly every night.
    More testosterone apparently.
    I feel like I am in my 40s instead of late 60s.
    My reaction time has improved significantly (No driving down the freeway at 35 mph for me. Hehe.)
    My skin is better.
    My brain has become less foggy. My emotions more stable.
    I could probably think of some additional improvements.
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    I am 40 and didn't really become "fat" until my late 20s. When my dad was diagnosed with Type II when I was 30 I decided I was headed down the same path and started working out and trying to eat better. I found that I could not lose the fat no matter what I tried (CW/LC) and just decided to go into powerlifting because I could be a chunkster and lift heavy shit and everyone just expected me to be big since I was moving big weights.

    I used CW and severe calorie restriction to go from 241 to 211 in about 9 months. Found PB in Nov 2010 and am down to about 200 now. However, none of my lifts have "suffered" (but I don't care about that anymore) and my body looks better than most 20-somethings.

    I went to Moab in the beginning of May with my family. We went to a swimming hole and there were a lot of college students (mostly from CU) there. A lot of the people there thought that I was on the CU football team because they saw me talking to a guy that was actually on the team. He and I were the only ones with any sort of muscle definition. I had to show my driver's license to prove that I was 40 and not 20'ish. Most of them didn't believe it.

    There were some rail thin guys/girls that were just genetically built that way, but everyone else was either really soft or had obesity in their sights. I don't remember any of my friends looking like that when I was 20. It's amazing how much stuff has changed in the last 20 years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IcarianVX View Post
    There were some rail thin guys/girls that were just genetically built that way, but everyone else was either really soft or had obesity in their sights. I don't remember any of my friends looking like that when I was 20. It's amazing how much stuff has changed in the last 20 years.
    I don't either Icarian. I see a definite change in the general dynamic of what people look like. I think honestly, people in general were just more active as youths back then...
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    I turn 49 tomorrow and I feel I'm at the best I've been for at least the last 10-12 years.

    If you look at my signature line, you'll see that I'm down about 27 lbs this year, and if I can hit 158 lbs by tomorrow (a definite possibility) that will be 15% of my body weight off this year, no GERD, no IBS symptoms, better periods, and minimized allergy symptoms! Yay for the Primal Blueprint!
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